Wired by Ashley Cleveland

by Sister Julie Ann on March 1, 2009

ashley.jpgDuring this season of prayer and soul-seeking inner conversion, the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity highlight the talent of Ashley Cleveland in Wired from her album Second Skin.Known for her clear-eyed maturity, grit and passion, Ashley is a woman who’s not afraid to follow her longings into places both light and dark. She connects emotionally with a strength and clarity. It’s that emotional connection -a combo of Cleveland’s natural wonder of a voice and fierce songwriting talent – that has been thrilling listeners since her debut in 1991.

secondskin.jpgBlending rock, blues, gospel and folk with her distinct open-tuned guitar playing, she has forged an unmistakable sound that has won her two Grammy Awards, three Dove Awards, a place on countless year-end Top Ten lists and a legion of devoted fans. Beyond her own career, Cleveland is also one of Nashville’s most in-demand session singers, having performed on over three hundred albums, for artists including Emmylou Harris, John Hiatt, Jars Of Clay, Don Henley, Amy Grant, Faith Hill, Delbert McLinton, Etta James, Rodney Crowell, Pam Tillis, Patty Smyth and Michael McDonald. A spokesperson for SHARE (Songs of Hope And Recovery for Everyone), Cleveland regularly performs at national events focused on addiction recovery. Her seventh album, Before The Daylight’s Shot, finds Cleveland at the height of her powers. Whether she’s singing about purpose (“Ready Or Not”), faith (“Deeper Walk”), fulfillment (a bluesy take on Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground”) or enduring married love (“Twilight Hour“), there’s a clear-eyed maturity and depth of artistry that lifts her into an exclusive class. Ashley Cleveland is the first woman ever nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Rock Gospel Album. She is also the only woman ever nominated twice… and she won both times she was nominated! (You Are There in 1999 and Lesson of Love in 1996.)

Lyrics: Wired by Ashley Cleveland

Original sin, original sin

The weight of the world is original sin

Everything grown, everything bent

To won that glorious second skin

Love is what we all desire

That love goes a long, long way

I’m going to heaven wired


Trying to get by, trying to get through

Trying to figure out the right thing to do

Too much greed , Too much food

 Shiney paper on a sack of coal

Love will keep us all inspired

That love goes a long, long way

I’m going to heaven wired

That love goes a long way

I’m going to heaven wired


Times like this

Change is slow

Jesus Christ is all I know

Glasses dark, Chipped on the rim

All I want is to rest in Him

And in His shadow where there is no jacket required

That love goes a long, long way

That love goes a long way

I’m going to heaven wired

64 thoughts on “Wired by Ashley Cleveland”

  1. Courteney K says:

    Powerful music, but it still has a nice soothing effect.

  2. Good morning Dillon, Laura, Jacob, Kara, Gavin, and Paige! We are glad that most of your were “surprised” at how much you enjoyed the song…even though it is not for you Jacob, it is a good thing for all of us to ponder pieces outside of our chosen realms. Thanks for writing! Blessings upon each of you this Feast of St. Joseph!!!

  3. Thanks Courteney, Rich, Abby, Diane, and Erin for the thoughtful reflections about this song! It is good to read what teenagers find important as they listen to music! It was great to meet all of you, I’m glad that you enjoyed our vocation sharing Abby! Our prayers are with each of you!

  4. Ashley S says:

    I thought that this song was really interesting and different from anything I have heard before. Her voice was very different but I liked what she was trying to say.

  5. Ashley, thanks for listening to another Ashley. May you ever be willing to open your world to new experiences and be rewarded in finding God there.

  6. luis says:

    this song is great

  7. Edidtsa S.C. says:

    i liked the song it was nice and the guitar piece it would be nice to play when they talk about sin in my CCD class.

  8. jessica figueroa says:

    i love those pictures.
    i enjoy watching them:)
    especially the songs they are
    very touching!

  9. fabian galaz says:

    hey sisters how have you been? I’m fabian galaz from san miguel high school over here at tucson arizona. I wish you guys would come over here again. bye sisters(:

  10. Thanks, Luis, Edidtsa, Jessica and Fabian. Your Tucson presence on this site is important to us. May the Lord bless you and touch your hearts with peace.

  11. Jacqueline says:

    I enjoyed listening to this song because it has a relaxing beat and a very good message.

  12. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this meaningful song Jacqueline!

  13. Joe M. says:

    In all honesty, I would have never heard this song had it not been given as an assignment in my theology class. We were asked to listen to this song and post an honest and respectful response. As a non-christian, I could lie and say i enjoyed it and be fine with it, but I will honestly say that it just isnt appealing to my senses musically, or in its meaning. but I can say if i were a follower, it probably still wouldnt be my song of choice, but its meaning and depth would be something that would appeal to me. lines like “that love goes a long way” stood out to me as things i would hold on to, if it were something i believed in strongly. i tried to listen with an open mind and see more than just my own perspective. Keep on keepin’ on and fight for what you believe is right. i may differ from your opinions and beliefs, but i will never hold anything against a people who devote their lives to something they love, whether that be in the form of music, sisterhood, or any other.

  14. Joe, thanks for your honest and respectful comment. Your writing reveals a person who is truly open to the good in all people. Peace and all good to you.

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