Day in the Life: Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Motherhouse

by Sister Julie Ann on March 1, 2009

srchiara.jpgWhile the first Sunday of Lent’s Gospel proclaimed “This is the time of fulfillment…believe in the Gospel”, the Herald Times Reporter, Manitowoc, WI circulated writer Benjamin Wideman’s masterful human interest account of a  ‘Day in the Life’ of img_5252.jpgthe Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity. Read the story for yourself.

You’ll also want to view the life of the Franciscan Sisters through the lens of photojournalist Jaslyn Gilbert. Watch an over 100 photo-slideshow at

What are your first impressions?

10 thoughts on “Day in the Life: Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Motherhouse”

  1. A life of devotion…a phrase appropriate to anyone who lives with ardent love the vocation that God has called her/him to be. What a compliment! I could easily picture in my mind the ordinary events in the lives of families, priests, single folks etc. Thanks, Ben and Jaslyn, for spotlighting our vocations as Catholic women religious, as well as presenting an inside view of our precious Motherhouse.

  2. I found the article insightful and interesting. The pictures are delightful and so real. Thank you for posting this and thanks to Ben and Jaslyn for a story well done.

  3. Ann Olig says:

    Very interesting reading. The Sisters are truly a self-supporting community. I didn’t realize that they have their own dental, medical and therapy right in their mother house. Even though I attended Catholic schools, Gr. 1 through High School, it always seemed that once they went behind closed doors they had this mysterious aura about them. You always wondered what they did in their “free” time. They are really just like the rest of us, with a bit (probably a lot!) more spirituality about them.

  4. Thanks, Ann, for taking the time to comment. Peace and all good to you as you seek the Lord in the minutes of your everyday life.

  5. Sister Rosangela says:

    I read the entire article in the Sunday paper and thought it was so well done. Ben & Jaslyn, you really captured the spirit of our community and life at the motherhouse. It’s a beautiful tribute to all of us Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity. The pictures are great too. Thank you so much. Also thanks to you, Sister Julie Ann, for posting this so all of our Sisters can see it and others too outside the area. Maybe it will inspire someone to look at our life more closely and consider a religious vocation.

  6. It is ever a delight to post something as good as Ben’s article and Jaslyn’s photos. Thanks, Sister Rosangela, for adding your 5 star affirmation of these two fine journalists.

  7. Marie Wilhelm says:

    This was really interesting to read. I think this will give alot of people an insight into your community life. Your community is thriving and alive which is a great asset to Manitowoc community itself. I don’t think many people know it exists there. That was funny about someone coming in and thinking it was a museum. I found that amusing.

  8. Marie, peace and all good to you. Thanks for taking the time to comment on the Herald Times Reporter article. Indeed, this communication jump-started awareness of us as Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity for many in the lakeshore and beyond.

  9. What a great story about the lives of the Sisters. It is truly educational and gives tremendous insight to what goes on in the Motherhouse. It also shows that the Sisters have interests and hobbies just like other people — something many outside of religious life often forget.

  10. Peace and all good, Wendy. You are so right. When God calls someone to any of the vocations, she should be free to be herself.

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