What Do College Students Want to Know?

by Sister Julie Ann on February 18, 2009

img_5254.jpgMaximizing on a winter break Assisi experience, UW Whitewater travelers to Europe and other members of the Catholic Student Coalition invited the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity on February 16, 2009 to reflect on Franciscan Spirituality.

Here are words and phrases that the students themselves offered to describe this way of relating to God:

  • charity
  • serenity
  • peace, working in our every day lives to achieve peace
  • focuses on loving nature like St. Francis
  • religious acts in prayer, a lifestyle
  • contemplative prayer
  • selfless devotion to God
  • respect for all

img_5257.jpgThe following day and over two hundred miles further north, UW Stout (Menomonee, WI) Catholic Campus Ministry students wanted to know about the topic ‘inner peace’ from a Franciscan perspective. The Franciscan Sisters Vocation Team again responded to the invitation sent by one of the students whom they were blessed to meet at Lifest 2008 (Oshkosh, WI).

The Thursday evening session will be framed in the context of prayer beginning with a quote from  St. Bonaventure’s The Soul’s Journey to God:  “This is the peace proclaimed and given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ and preached again and again by St. Francis.” St. Francis’ own prayer of enlightenment, The Prayer Before the Crucifix, and other media enhance the theme.

5 thoughts on “What Do College Students Want to Know?”

  1. The gift of being with these young adults and experiencing their desire to grow in their faith is such a wonderful sign of HOPE in our Church and world!

    The energy of their enthusiam for life is so contagious, it is a joy to spend time with them!

  2. Sr Helena Young says:

    Thank you Sister Julie Ann and Sister Mary Ann for spreading the message of Francis. The two of you are also full of energy and enthusiasm for life. We are blessed as a Community having the two of you reaching out to the young people of college age.

    The Lord be with you in all you do!

  3. Although I didn’t respond immediately to making a comment on our evening with the UW Stout Catholic Campus Ministry Community, I have replayed the interaction in my mind many times.

    Thanks so much to Christine who was quick to make us feel at home. Much thanks to Kristen and her helpers for the blue ribbon Dutch cuisine meal.

    Most importantly, thanks to all for sharing your faith with us. Sister Mary Ann and I traveled home with hope in our hearts for having met Jesus alive among you.

  4. Sister Rosangela says:

    After I read Sister Julie Ann’s comment about seeing Jesus alive in the lives of the young people, I realize I do not do that very often. I think about young people seeing Jesus in our lives. There are many young people who are searching for ways to serve God just as we are. While I am in a loving, peaceful environment, that may not be the case for them. Yet they are making a real effort to live a good life. I need to look more closely and see Jesus in them.

  5. I think Sr. Roseangela makes a great point. We need to live our religious lives so others can see Jesus Alive in us. We also need to see Jesus Alive in others. This mutual sharing brings great joy and hope. Thank you to all who commented on these experiences.

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