Sunrise Reflections by Thad Roan

by Sister Julie Ann on February 1, 2009

During this month of February, the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity are pleased to share Thad Roan’s Sunrise Reflections with their Franciscanized World friends. 

The surface of the water in the cove has melted, providing a mirror for this sunrise. In the distance, the middle of the lake is still frozen. The snow on the beach is leftover from a snowfall 2 days ago. Chatfield Lake, Littleton, Colorado. 
-Thad Roan


9 thoughts on “Sunrise Reflections by Thad Roan”

  1. I know that many people are “tired of winter” but somehow it is a very renewing time for me! This image is a wonderful depiction of the mystical sense of winter! Amidst the cold, snow, and ice there is a simplicity and a beauty in the mystery of it all. I guess it helps me to live in the present…

    We look forward to hearing your thougths about this image or your experience of this winter!

  2. Roland Flasch says:

    The picture of Chatfield Lake, in Littleton Colorado is very amazing. At first sight I thought of peace and relaxation while the sight took my breath away. I have always been a fan of the great outdoors, and seeing this tops any sunrise that I have ever seen. The perfection of the reflection of the sunrise gives me hope for a new day, while the clouds show me that there will be challenges along the way, but there is always light that shines though. This is one of my favorite pictures I have ever seen.

  3. Sister Mary Ann says:

    It is evident that you are a person who apprecitates God’s gift of creation! Your description is beautiful! Thanks for writing Roland!

  4. Todd Skinkis says:

    This picture takes my breath away. There is so much going on. ( the sun, the shadows off the water, the clouds, and the bright blue sky) This beatuful picture just lets your mind roam. I think the saying a picture is worth a thousand words, is really true for this picture.

  5. Todd, you write very well, it is neat to see such beauty! Thanks for your insights!

  6. Sr. Delores Wisnicky says:

    This is certainly a mystical picture capturing the awesomeness of our God. How He loves to delight our heart and soul!!! This morning as I drive to Clarks Mills the sunrise was magenta and oh, so glorious… I wanted to pull off the road to watch it unfold. God is good! I meet with my spiritual director today and I think of Jesus’ line from the Gospel—Come and See…
    I pray that I can walk with those kind of eyes…
    Thanks for sharing this lovely picture…

  7. Kristin says:

    Beautiful picture!

  8. This picture seems to draw me into reflection… as it is filled with reflection… and peace and calm seem to settle within me as I ponder it. This natural beauty is calming and such a gift from our Creator.
    Thanks for this moment of refreshment.

  9. Courtney Foutch says:

    This picture truly is breath taking. I have never seen a reflection so exact it almost looks like a mirror. i’ve seen sunrises by water but they never look quite like that. It’s a beautiful photograph.

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