Eye-Witness Reporting from Roncalli Convent, Manitowoc, WI

by Sister Julie Ann on February 1, 2009

top-11_edited-1.jpgFranciscanized World continues its reporting from Manitowoc, WI, a sustainable community desiring to stay healthy and whole. The Herald Times Reporter recently spotlighted Recyclemania efforts of colleges and en masse goals for Lighten Up Manitowoc. The paper also ran a supplement honoring young professionals under age 40 who are contributing to the lakeshore community in significant ways. Manitowoc is also the home of St. Francis of Assisi Parish, a multi-site parish that includes Catholics from the whole city and beyond.

Read here about the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity currently living at Roncalli Convent connected to Roncalli High School, Manitowoc. Sisters teach the high school students, but others drive the distance to serve in St. Francis of Assisi School, FSCC HealthCare Ministry, Inc., Holy Family Convent and St. Mary Parish, Clarks, Mills, WI and St.Michael Parish, Whitelaw, WI. Find out more about their lives together and their ministries with God’s people.

16 thoughts on “Eye-Witness Reporting from Roncalli Convent, Manitowoc, WI”

  1. Sr. Delores Wisnicky says:

    Spring is in the air. I went for an hour walk yesterday and it felt so refreshing. I cleaned like it was spring cleaning. I felt this energy inside and out. I love walking in the snow and seeing the deer tracks. I wonder where they go when it so cold out.
    This winter has been new for me after being on the islands for 6 years. I see things abit differently. The sunrises and sunsets are gorgeous and the air so clean, crisp… God is present that I am certain. To see Him and walk with Him is a gift!

  2. Thanks for pointing out the beauty of Wisconsin winters! Peace and all good and more beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

  3. Roncalli has that beautiful location where, from the second floor, you have great views. It is a special place, not too far in the city, not too far out of the city. I love that convent and the atmosphere. Thanks for a glimpse into life at Roncalli. I spent 14 very happy years there.

  4. Sr. Helena Young says:

    In July I moved from Zanesville, Ohio to Roncalli here in Manitowoc. There are nine of us Sisters living, praying, and sharing here in our Community group. I am the Director of Quality and Compliance for FSCC HealthCare Ministry, Inc. You can click on the web site above to learn more about our HealthCare System. It is interesting living here with the other Sisters with different ministries. We share our daily happenigs during our evening meal time. Being attached to the school we have an opportunity to attend sportng activities, muscial performances, Evening Prayer one night a week and Mass one day a week in the school chapel. We attend daily Mass at the local parish. Catholic Schools Week just ended with a Mass in the Roncalli Gym including all the students from several grade schools in the area. It was a powerful experience and the gym was full. The Lord is good in bringing the nine of us together with our varied talents and ministeries. Let me know if you have any questions. God Bless You!

  5. Sr. Delores Wisnicky says:

    Sr. Helena captured our evening sharings well. Lots goes on at our table. Some evenings there is alot of laughter as we share who we are.
    I like to write poetry during prayer. This poem came yesterday from the Gospel…
    Take nothing for your journey, Jesus said.
    What could that mean today?

    Trust me to be fed
    Innerly more that bread.

    There is a hunger inside of me
    For this God who loves so free

    I ache for Him so much
    I want to feel His touch.

    I want to really know
    and feel His love in me grow!

    Can I leave it all behind?
    Can I be a person of that kind?

  6. Sr. Delores Wisnicky says:

    I saw wild turkeys as I traveled this week. What a huge bird! In fact, I saw them twice in the same spot. Nature makes me pause and reflect.
    I went for a walk today and could hear spring with the melting of the snow. The people I visited this week for communion calls were enjoying the sunshine as well. They all felt the energy from the sun. May the Lord Jesus do that for us as we journey each day with Him!

  7. I, too, have had clients talk about the renewed energy as the snow melts and there are puffs of warmer air. No wonder Francis wrote and prayed the Canticle. We are so intertwined with nature and its movements and creatures.

  8. Sr. Delores Wisnicky says:

    Nature is amazing! Yesterday, I saw five deer as I drove out to Clarks Mills. Today, I was driving in the fog slowly, carefully, finding my way. I cross Hwy. S and behold there was the full moon. The fog lifted and I was in awe at the sight. It was so cool. So many changes in our lives. I went to a funeral today and thanked God for meeting Marcella. She was 90 years old and a wonderful person.
    No more fog for her in life, only the beauty and love of God…

  9. Sister Sharon Paul says:

    A blessed Valentine’s Day to you, Sisters stationed at Roncalli. Yes, I agree, Sr. Helena, that is so enriching to live with Srs. from different apostolates. Sr. Delores, I enjoyed your poem & can relate well with your love of nature. The last several days we have heard the geese–a little early it seems???
    We have had a BIG thaw here in West Point so our Park has been flooded and each day it recedes a little more. Parts of 275 have been closed so some of our employees have to take alternate routes. No major damage. We certainly can feel for the families experiencing the devastating fires in Australia.
    Our Srs. here in West Point enjoyed lunch at the Dairy Queen for Valentine’s Day. Thanks to our wonderful benefactors who gifted us with gift cards this Christmas. Tomorrow most of us are going to Omaha to bid our International Students from Egypt & Palestine who stayed at our Convent good-bye as they return to their country to continue their college educations. Blessings to each of you & do have a holy, grace-filled LENT! Gratefully, Sr. Sharon Paul

  10. Sr. Delores Wisnicky says:

    Thanks, Sr. Sharon Paul. It is good to hear from you. We had a lovely Valentine dinner here with Sr. Mary Fidelia and Sr. Martina as guests. Sr. Annette and Sr. Dolores Herrmann made a lovely turkey dinner. We listened to some wonderful stories of the early college days from Sr. Martina and stories of Roncalli days when Sr. Mary Fidelia was here. Laughter and joy were in the air.
    Sr. Martina also shared with us that she will be writing her memoirs. What a great idea!

  11. Sr. Helena Young says:

    Today is a sunny day with a beautiful blue sky. Lake Michigan is beautiful and blue today too. Spring is not too far away. I look forward to the changing seasons. Each has its on beauty but I must admit winter does seem long at times. Change is good for all of us. It is something we need to accept in each other and in ourselves. We may not be able to do today what we did 5,10 years ago but what we can do is important as long as we do our best and trust in the Lord. Sometimes we can surprise ourself or others. May each day be filled with love, joy and peace for each of you as you look for the beauty in your life and those around you.

  12. Sr. Annette Blonde says:

    This is the third year that I have been at Roncalli Convent. When I first came here, it was a new experience to have to travel to Mass and to my school. Now I look forward to the 3 miles to church, a little time to myself to become aware of the Gift that becomes a part of me and strengthens me before I go to school. After the Liturgy, it is another two miles to school which is a calm, soothing drive, but a short one. So the beginning of my day is one full of gentleness which helps to live the whole day and work with whatever comes along.

  13. Sr. Delores Wisnicky says:

    Sr. Annette, there is a gift in each new day.
    Today is my Mother’s death anniversary. She loved cardinals and loved to watch them. I have been seeing them all week and I thank God for that. Other teachers have been seeing them as well, here at Clarks Mills.
    Today I am speaking to my sister on the phone, looking outside and two bright male cardinals come into a tree. My sister and I were talking about Mom. Our God loves us dearly and our loved ones are close. My heart sings out this morning with praise and thanksgiving…

  14. Sr Helena Young says:

    Today, Saturday, it is a cold, windy, snowy day with drifting snow. This is a day to curl up with a book or to do whatever you enjoy doing. Sr Delores has already made chocolate chip cookies and Sr Barbara is now making carmel rolls for breakfast.We usually have something special on the weekend made by the sister cooking on Sunday. This week Sr Barbara is the cook. With Lent beginning on Wednesday we will have fewer treats as a community sacrifice to go with whatever individual sacrifice we chose to do on our own. Sunday afternoon we will visit our sisters in Two Rivers for a Mardi Gras party – we look forward to some Franciscan fun.
    Let us pray for a grace filled Lent.

  15. It has been great reading your Roncalli reflections. Each sister brings such a unique perspective. I wish each of you a gracefilled and growthfilled Lent.

  16. I am so grateful and thankful for all the wonderful citizens of Manitowoc County. God Bless!

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