On the Road Inspirations

by Sister Julie Ann on January 26, 2009

It is said that St. Francis spend one third of his time in contemplative prayer, one third of his time living the Gospel [serving others], andfrancisordersaintsweb.jpg another one third of his time going from one place to another. The Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Vocation Directors offer the first of a series of ‘On the Road Inspirations’ gleaned from their experiences. Sharings from other travelers are welcome.

Francis: Be conscious, O man [woman], of the wondrous state in which the Lord God has placed you… (Admonition V)

Scenario of the Car

When one is in one place, one is not in another place. (WI vs AZ)

There has to be movement to get from one place to another.

Life Illustration

Young woman announces that she is seeking to know God’s will if she is called to be a Sister. (Car engine is running.)

One Year Later…

Young woman is still announcing that she is looking for God’s will if she is called to be a Sister. (Engine is still running, but the car hasn’t moved.)

Why hasn’t she moved? Does she really want to get to another place? Spent time in prayer? (Is there air in the tires?) Has she spoken to a spiritual director? (Checked the oil?) Visited a specific community of Sisters? (Do the lights work?) Gone on retreat with other young women thinking about doing the same thing?(Is the gas gauge close to empty?)

6 thoughts on “On the Road Inspirations”

  1. I think this is a brilliant and spiritually sound scenario. I have found that sometimes we all forget to DO something about our desires. Desire without action won’t take us anywhere. We can also forget that God speaks through others and events. There probably will not be a “burning bush” event to point out God’s will. People and events will make God’s will clear. Thank you for “on the road” inspiration!

  2. To journey with anyone regardless of the path it leads is both a priviledge and a challenge. Only God knows the hidden obstacles, the blind turns, and the fears of uncertainty for the searcher. God’s time is not always our time so patient prayer and trust in the knowledge that He NOT We do the calling. Keep your compass focused on Him. I like your idea and never think that your car is traveling in vain.

  3. The car is not the only vehicle that will get us from point A (action) to point D (decision). I have found a healthy walk (with or without someone else) will help to clear the air and get the body and spirit moving. (St. Francis liked to follow in the FOOTprints of Jesus.)

  4. Sister Pat Sevcik says:

    Years ago, two classmates invited me to join them to “go and see” Holy Family Convent. The pastor wanted to take us there by car. The tour and the sense that this is where I was meant to be led me to make the final decision to enter. I’d been thinking about it for some time. That invitation/nudge got me where I needed to go and set me on the path of response to the call of God. YEAH!

  5. Sr. Delores Wisnicky says:

    Years ago, a Teacher who was a Sister, asked me, “Have you ever thought about being a Sister?” That was a powerful question for me at just the right time. What an amazing journey it has been, when we allow the Lord to lead the way…
    I am deeply grateful for all who have helped me on the journey of life to serve the Lord.

  6. Going “On the Road” is one of the great things about life! It is so Franciscan to be open to the adventure and whoever God puts in one’s path! But, when we are in one place we cannot be in another…the road is meant to help us get to that next place, it is not to become one’s daily existance.

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