Happy Birthday Rio de Janeiro by Osmar Shineidr

by Sister Julie Ann on January 1, 2009

Providing a complimentary vision of January in the southern hemisphere, the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity focus on  this breathtaking photo by Osmar Shineidr.

I really don’t have much to say about the picture, it’s just a representation to the immense love I have for my city, with the many aspects that makes it beautiful: the religions, our balance between the nature that is everywhere sharing its space with buildings, poverty and richness, and yet the love for the beach and the sunny days joining them all, just like if there was no difference at all, the lovely and kind people I still find here…And the amazing Christ Renderer, that, as we say here: protect us all.                                                – Osmar Shineidr

2302292969_ce0c6f8806_b.jpgPortuguese explorer Gaspar de Lemos reached Guanabara Bay on January 20, 1502; hence Rio de Janeiro, “January River”. A legend is told that the mariners named the place by that name because they thought the mouth of the bay was actually the mouth of a river. No experienced sailor would make that mistake. At the time, river was the general word for any large body of water.See Flickr Site.

19 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Rio de Janeiro by Osmar Shineidr”

  1. Mountains and Hills Bless the Lord (Dan. 3, 57-88)
    Our life is blessed by God through our relationships and experiences! The wonderful experience of living in the southern hemisphere where winter is summer as depicted in this exquisite scene from Brazil, reminds me that at all times all creation blesses the Lord! What is your experience of blessing at this time?

  2. Jesus is wonderful says:

    This picture is breathtaking! It demonstrates the awesome power of God. I am amazed by His creation! This picture shows that Jesus Christ is Lord above all!

    God Bless the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity!!!


  3. Kole Or Kieth Kyle Justin Pooter The First says:

    its cooooool :):):):)

  4. Brittany Garcia:) says:

    I love this picture. It is really breathtaking. This image has a sense of security. I enjoyed the visit and also this image. Thank You (: I appreciate it.

  5. J.M. says:

    This is Really Beautiful.! =]]

  6. Cricket says:

    Beautiful! This is a wonderful photograph!

  7. Jose Avila says:


  8. Robert Lopez says:

    This picture seems to be showing the vastness of the world god watches over, and that he is here on the top watching and pprotecting us all.

  9. CK, BH, MJB says:

    We all really enjoy the beautiful colors. The clouds in the backround really create a hypnotizing effect.

  10. Corrina, Edward, Christopher says:

    its a breath taking picture!!

  11. armando says:

    this pic is soo totally awsome!!! 😀

  12. Fernando Montano says:

    This picture is very beautiful.!! I think it has alot of spiritual meaning i love thi pic

  13. Selyna/Britt says:

    It’s so exciting to see a photo of this scene
    we learnd about this in World Civilizations. It is considered a Modern World Wonder. This picture is breath taking as Sister Mary Ann explained…
    Thank you for taking the time and coming to our school and sharing your experiences with us
    -Selyna & Britt

  14. God Lover says:

    I really like God he gets me through everything, without him I would be a fish without water, I would not survive! I have such sympathy for others that have not found God yet in their lives, it is so unfortunate. I am so thankful I have God in my life, to guide me, cure me, help me, and love me. I can not name all of the things God has got me through, he has been there for me when I go through happpiness, sadness, joy, love, and any other feeling. God I truly love and Trust in you so much!
    Nothing can Break my trust and faith and hope that I have in you, Nothing.
    God I love you so much, and I pray that I live this world Very long, Safe, and More than anything happy (with you, as well as my family members.
    I know that I have to LET GO AND LET GOD.
    once again thank you so much for giving me life, and letting me go through every happy moment I’ve been through. I pray though that I get Many Many Many Many Many years to come, as well as my loved ones,
    Love and Protect
    your son #%$3!

  15. cris says:

    this picture is a breth taker…

  16. fabin christopher luis joseph says:

    I think this picture encompasses the sense of power that God emminates from his creations. The arms extended toward the sky leads our eyes to heaven and the promise of eternal life.

  17. Thanks to all of you who have been sharing your thoughts about this very moving image of Jesus!

    As Osmar Shineidr, the photographer, reflected, it is a representation to the immense love I have for my city, with the many aspects that makes it beautiful: the religions, our balance between the nature that is everywhere sharing its space with buildings, poverty and richness… the people

    Christ Redeemer pray for us all!

  18. Michelle Hess says:

    Do the FSCC have any missionaries in Brazil? Two amazing Brazilian guys have miraculously appeared at church this winter to help us with music. They have been so warm and inspirational! We are just completely pulled together through the power and love of God. I have gotten to see so many cool pictures from Brazil and they are even teaching me Portuguese! What an awesome witness!

  19. Hi Michelle,
    I’m so glad that you discovered this wonderful image! It is neat how your new friends from Brazil have touched your life! We do not have any sisters in Brazil, I did have the opportunity to visit the jungle of Brazil while I was missioned in Peru–fasinating!
    Peace and all good!

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