Franciscan Sister’s Vocation: Called To Be a Parish Director

by Sister Julie Ann on December 9, 2008

At the Eucharistic Liturgy formalizing the installation of Sister as Parish Director,  Bishop Zubik says Sister is “a consecrated woman who is in love with God, in love with the Church, and in love with her community.”

60 thoughts on “Franciscan Sister’s Vocation: Called To Be a Parish Director”

  1. Scott & Deborah Bauer says:

    Nicely done.

  2. Kelly Vidmar says:

    It is with great enthusiasm that I respond to Sister Pam’s video. She is our spark plug, leader and compassionant friend.

    For all you folks who think that they are being called to the religous life and hesitate because you think it might be too boring, think again! After seeing this video it is crystal clear how God can direct your yes!

    Pam, well done, our Lord’s good and faithful servant, well done.


  3. Sharon Behring says:

    That was a great video. What an inspiration to someone contemplating the religious life. It was a sad day for me when I heard Sister Pam was leaving St Raphaels. However, I realized she was going to finally fulfill her dream of being a parish director. I could only be happy for her. She probably didn’t realize what a monumental job that would be with having two parishes. She is up to the task. Only good can come from her leadership. God bless her.

  4. Sister Mary Shawn Fagan says:

    That was very moving Pam. From the day I met you many years ago I knew you loved God and his people and you would be a blessing to all you encounter and you have lived that out. May God continue to bless you as you carry out His mission.

  5. Connie says:

    An absolutely wonderful video!! It warms my heart to see it and to know that we have Sr. Pam here to help us in our own spiritual journey! We have been truley blessed with her presence here at St. Mary’s!! “Thank you for all you do Sr. Pam” seems so mi-nute and inadequate for all you have done!! Thank you God for Sr. Pam

  6. This past year has been a challenge for Sr. Pam AND St. Mary’s of Winneconne. Sister, your patience, understanding and sense of humor is much appreciated and I KNOW things can only get better under your direction. Your dedication is a great example for all of us! I thank you!

  7. phyllisdavis says:

    Sister Pam
    my family & I are so very happy to have you as our parish director here at St. Mary’s Omro. Christmas Eve mass was wonderful. could not be improved upon. You are in my prayers.

  8. Kathy and Jack Alan says:

    Dear Sister Pam,
    I was very impressed with the podcast, and how it depicts your leadership and spirit…nicely done!
    When I was searching for a church family a few years ago, I wanted a place where my son and I would be inspired with the energy of God’s spirit. I joined St. Mary’s of Winneconne because I knew many people there, being that I teach in that community. The energy of friendship in the church community is important to me. Now that you have come to lead our parish, I know that I made the absolute right choice! Your energy is exactly what I need to interpret God’s word, and my son just loves you! He now is interested in going to church, and has found someone that he trusts and admires. I thank you for your gifts given to our parish and our family.

  9. Charlie Bobby Wilson Johnson says:

    it is inspiring.not afraid to express myself.
    gracias hermanas.

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