Franciscan Sister Present at Conference of the Life and Papacy of Pius XII

by Sister Julie Ann on December 2, 2008

top-1_edited-1.jpgFranciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Marie Kolbe Zamora, OSF ,studying for her doctorate at the Gregorian in Rome, Italy,  sent this message to her Sisters in the United States:

Here is a picture of my meeting the Pope that I thought that I would share with all of you. The fact that I was able to greet him personally was a total surprise, making the entire event all that much more of a gift…

I participated in a three day Conference of the Life and Papacy of Pius XII (November 6-8, 2008). The last day was an audience with the Holy Father, who, in effect, closed the conference with his discourse…

The Rector of our (Gregorian) University, Father Ghirlanda, chose me at the last moment to represent the students…

Father Ghirlanda is the Jesuit presenting me to the Holy Father…the Pope asked me what I was working on. He was pleased when I said “Bonaventure,” given his own work in the same area.  Know that I bring you all everywhere-including to this encounter! Pax.

Since all Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity include not only each other, but also all those whose lives they touch (including internet friends) when they pray, please be assured of remembrance to God at all times, in various places and in a variety of encounters.

Pope Pius XII and St. Bonaventure pray for us.

4 thoughts on “Franciscan Sister Present at Conference of the Life and Papacy of Pius XII”

  1. What a thrill Sister Marie Kolbe!!! It is such a blessing for you and for all of us that you had this opportunity with Pope Benedict! I’m sure that all your experiences continue to fill you with a deep appreciation of the presence of the Holy Spirit in the many cultures and facets of the Church!

  2. It was so typical of you, Sr. Marie Kolbe, to close with, “I bring you all everywhere…” Though you are in Rome, I often sense you are right here… or we are right there with you. It is that sense of community that you engender that is a gift to me and to many others. Thank you for sharing this wonderful moment with all of us.

  3. After scanning Cardinal Tarsisio Bertone’s address entitled ‘the Inheritance of the Magisterium of Pius XII’ that opened the Greg’s congress in the L’Osservatore Romano, I was grateful that I could read the translation! The Cardinal truly spoke of the greatness of this Italian leader of our Church.

    Sister Marie Kolbe, it is God’s design that you were present and could understand Italian!

  4. Tim Mathison says:

    How great to see that you are doing well, Sister. Even though the years go by, special teachers stay with you. All the best to you.

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