Joe Garagiola Gifts a Learning Center

by Sister Julie Ann on November 5, 2008

joe4.jpgJoe Garagiola, a retired and renowned major-league baseball player,  wrote Just Play Ball, a book about the game he enjoys, but he was present among the children at St. Peter Indian Mission on Sunday, November 2, 2008, because it is these little ones who are blessed to receive his love.

joe9.jpgAbout 300 individuals watched the Most Rev. Thomas J. Olmsted Bishop of the Diocese of Phoenix bless a new learning center. This is not the first time the St. Peter Indian Community has been gifted with Joe Garagiola’s generosity. He is a frequent visitor to school, has been behind many a renovation project and is considered a friend and respected elder by all. Being an author himself, the faithful benefactor, is interested in reading and all aspects of learning for today’s student.

“We have been blessed, and we are celebrating our blessing as the learning center is blessed,” said Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity, Sister Martha Mary Carpenter, OSF, principal of St. Peter Indian Mission School.

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9 thoughts on “Joe Garagiola Gifts a Learning Center”

  1. Sister Natalie says:

    Congratulations as you celebrate perseverence and hard work in the learning center project. Continued blessings on the St. Peter’s Community as the full potential of the learning center is realized in all the years to come! The center is a living memorial to the commitment of excellence and education. A special thank you to all who have worked to impact the future in this venture.

  2. Sister Natalie, thanks to you for inspiring our community’s novices to see the goodness of our Sisters and the many people they are blessed to serve with and for in our many places of ministry. Your own years of ministry in Arizona, etc. provide so much wisdom. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  3. Sister Rosangela says:

    We are all grateful to Mr. Garagiola for the recent learning center as well as all the help he has given to our mission. I’m sure he is rewarded here at seeing all the happy faces enjoying his gifts, and he will certainly be rewarded in heaven. “As long as you did it to one of the least of my brothers, you did it to me. May God bless him in a very special way for all the good he does. God bless our Sisters for all their work too.

  4. Lil'Deezy says:

    i just want to say thank yu joe garagiola for the learning center if it wasnt 4 you i wouldnt have no where to learn thank you i gett library class taught in that building today/tommarow thx a million

  5. Lil'Deezy says:

    i know that kidd micheal contreas mamam rene and jermey they kool and rene is funny i cant tell u hoefunny she s mixtures hahahaha me and my stpeter class mate garret missin them rite nowww?!

  6. Lil'Deezy says:

    i messed up i meant how funny she is gahh i dint mean “hoe”.

  7. Santanboii418 says:

    hii andd byeee?

  8. iloveeGodddd?! says:

    sister martha hope ugett this”miss you pleasemove me from by racheal shes annoying? not to bbe meeam

  9. Jjbhere says:

    i have a bunch of emailsokk this is my otherone

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