Drifting by Chris Hillman

by Sister Julie Ann on October 1, 2008

lrg-33-03-2-photochrisonstage.jpgArguably the pioneer of the genre known as “Country Rock,” Chris Hillman has carved a permanent niche in the history of contemporary American music through his work with such notable bands as The Byrds, The Flying Burrito Brothers and the Desert Rose Band. The Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity recognize Chris Hillman during this month of celebrating St. Francis, drifter and dreamer.

“Traditional Family Values” (have) worked for thousands of years, and I think a lot of people my age are embracing a more conservative outlook on life. Once you’ve experienced marriage and have raised children your priorities change and you appreciate all who have gone before and the wisdom they tried to impart”, Hillman stated in an interview with Charles Levin.Close friend and Appellate Court Justice artist_pic_f2.gifSteven Perrin said it best when he commented: “He (Hillman) has a wonderful social conscience…(whose) passion for good family and upbringing is unbounded. I have never seen a better father more dedicated to raising his children”.A family’s love can help you move along. These days, Hillman is always looking towards the future, not the glorious past, writing new songs, singing, planning a new live album and just “playing the kind of music he loves”. He is also deeply involved in “passing on his (musical) gifts to others“, teaching and encouraging new players and singers.“I’m as happy and fulfilled as I’ve ever been. I am truly blessed to have such a great family and friends to share my life with. This is the best of times”.

 Drifting was originally written in 1990  by myself and my good friend and Christian brother, Steve Hill…  I thought I had lost the lyrics but ended up finding them about two years ago when I was preparing to record  the album  “The Other Side”.  We had even forgotten the melody and somehow came close to the original idea when we recorded  it… Of course it basically describes a “Heavenly Environment”  or  aspiring for  “Heaven on Earth”..   We tried to convey a  Christian message as are most of the songs I recorded on “The Other Side”  CD….                                             Chris Hillman

Song Lyrics:

When I woke up it seemed so bright

This vision I had last night

Drifting in a dream I want to remember

Everything I was ever told

It seemed so clear and in control

Drifting in a dream of love’s surrender

Drifting in a world where no one suffers

And no one grows old

Where love is traded like gold

Where you’ll never be lonely

Nobody ever says no.

I saw a true heaven on earth

Where no one had to be first

Drifting in a dream of love’s surrender

How foolish can one man be

To believe in what one man sees

It takes only one man to make a dream come true

Drifting in a world shining brighter

Through my soul

Where everything is in control

Where you’ll never be lonely

Nobody ever says no


14 thoughts on “Drifting by Chris Hillman”

  1. “Drifting” is a fitting “fiesta” song to celebrate Francis, a man whose vision shines bright in the hearts of so many followers 800 years later. The harmonious sound of stalwart male voices and superb instrumentation creates “a heaven on earth” for listeners. The lyrics are of the highest Christian quality promoting selflessness and servanthood.

  2. Sister Mary Carol says:

    Do you have dreams you would like to remember because of the message? The song, Drifting, by Chris Hillman is an upbeat piece of a vision of Heaven. With a strong instrumental accompaniment, harmony and clear text the positive dream of Paradise is a reality.

    Each of us is able to affect others through our actions to make this dream come through on earth. Let us look beyond ourselves and help others in our world with has so many and varied needs.

    Words like bright, clear, shining brighter, portray a sense of light and God’s presence with us now and for eternity.

    This selection of Country Rock and Christian message can be heard numerous times and each time affect you differently. Enjoy.

  3. Michelle Zajicek says:

    I really liked this song. The lyrics are very real and I think everyone is drifting. I feel drifting through life, we should all seek God’s protection and he will never leave us alone which this song promotes. And I believe everyone should desire to dwell in a “dream of love’s surrender” which is a beautiful way of expressing God’s grace and peace that he extends to us. The only thing that confuses me about this song is the “Nobody ever says no.” Perhaps this is commenting on our dreams always within reach with God’s love.

  4. Roland Flasch says:

    This song is a great, inpsperational song to listen too. I found myself thinking of what heaven might be like while I listened to the lyrics. It made me want to think of things I can do to ensure my gateway into heaven because the lyrics are so soothing to me. I think that everything is going to be ok and that I just need to remember everything is in God’s hands. There is nothing I can do to change something thats meant to happen, so I should just let the path lead me where I’m supposed to go. Just listen to what God has to say, and it’ll be ok. Love God because he loves you.

  5. Michelle and Roland, thanks for your thoughtful comments not only on Chris’ music, but also on his lyrics. Peace and all good.

  6. Nick Vogel says:

    Hey Sr. Mary Ann & Sr. Julianne, thanks for the music–and for joining us for Mass last Sunday! It’s my bday party next Sunday (10/12), so stop by for Pumkin Bars, made by Mrs. Vogel. Maybe I’ll see you there!

  7. Nick, we will pray for you on your birthday, but we will do it at St. Patrick Parish (UW Whitewater)?! Sad to say we’ll miss those great homemade pumpkin bars as well. But the good news is that we will see how much older you have become on 10/19! Thanks for your comments on the song.

  8. Shannon Connors says:

    I loved the lyrics to this song. They made me think of heaven but also what we could do here on Earth to make Earth “shine brighter” as the song says. I thought it was especially beautiful when he says “it takes only one man to make a dream come true” because that’s so true and we need to remember that. Sometimes I know we all feel like what we do doesn’t make a difference, but if we remember that line, we know that if we make a difference to even one dream, it’s worth it. “God is good, all the time.” ~Shannon

  9. Shannon, your positive look on our world is another way of making heaven on earth! Your own musical gifts also help the world to sing with the glory of God. Peace and all good.

  10. Liz Meyer says:

    My favorite part of this song is “where love is traded like gold” because in this day in age peopel go out of thier way for money, and hurt so many people for personal gain, yet they expect love to surround them even though they don’t give any in return. The thought of a world where love is given, accepted, and returned, where greed and personal monetary gain lose their influence is a great goal, a great dream for all of us to keep in mind all the time, and not only when we’re sleeping.

  11. Mary Bergant says:

    “How foolish can one man be, to believe in what one man sees.”

    How fitting a lyric given the upcoming Presidential elections. As a young person attending a state university, I am constantly bombarded with politics. Republican or Democrat, both leaders have their own vision for the future of our country. Instead of placing my trust in one of the candidates, I choose to put my trust in God. For is is only in His kingdom that there will be “true heaven on earth.”

  12. Liz and Mary, thanks for your ‘indepth’ comments on the lyrics of Chris’ song. I’ll listen to the song again with your insights in mind.

  13. Katrina and Jenna says:

    Katrina: I really like the background music of this song. It was really relaxing. It helps rmeind the listener what heaven is suposed to be like. Jenna: I also liked the background music and the lyrics, although it was somewhat hard to hear.

  14. Katrina, thanks for not thinking twice about commenting on the song and doing it right then and there. Jenna, you were right about not being able to hear the song very well. Next time we should crank up the volume in a place where the liturgy group is not practicing?! It was a blessing to meet both of you at UWGB!

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