Cupcakes, Commercials, Vigils-Life Awareness Projects

by Sister Julie Ann on October 8, 2008

img_4709_1781.jpgThomas Celano in The Life of Saint Francis says that “the holy man overflowed with the spirit of charity, bearing within himself a deep sense of concern not only toward other humans in need, but also toward mute, brute animals: reptiles, birds, and all other creatures whether sensate or not.” Have you ever felt an urge to do something to bring about greater awareness of this fact?

A University of Wisconsin Green Bay student announced at a recent Sunday evening Campus Ministry Eucharist that she felt called to bake cupcakes on October 9, 2008 as a part of a Cupcakes for Life, a National Pro-Life Cupcake Campaign. Symbolic of a  birthday treat, Cupcakes for Life is remembering children who never get to blow out the candles, unwrap their gifts and eat some cake. This passionate young woman also extended the invitation to others gathered at the Mass to join her in this ‘warm-up’ Pro Life Committee bake off.

 Veritas Society is also all about the dynamics of awareness. The statewide television campaign is reaching millions of Wisconsin residents right in their own living rooms.  The message is to touch hearts and minds-especially women 18-34 who are most likely to have an abortion. If you haven’t seen these video reflections, do go to the website and be moved.

img_4711_1783.jpgAnother live action strategy is the 40 days for Life. From September 24-November 2, 2008, people in 179 cities, in 47 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, American Samoa and two Canadian provinces are taking part in 40 days of prayer and fasting, constant vigil and community outreach! The Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity have put their soles/souls to the pavement and prayed at a local vigil in Green Bay, WI.

What is your life awareness project? (It can be as simple as affirming the existence of someone who shares your own unique, ordinary life; teaching the faith to others younger than yourself, etc.)

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  1. Sister Mary Ann and I are very aware of the vibrancy of life among college students e.g. last night we were updated on the finer of points of lesson planning by three UW Stevens Point student volunteers teaching what it means to be Catholic to junior high students. We also learned Newman’s Pax Christi Peace Group is inviting all to spend time in prayer on the night before our nation elects a new president. There will be a UW Stevens Point Newman Mass at 9 p.m., followed by Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament throughout the night, Taize Prayer at 10 p.m., the rosary at 11, Night Prayer at midnight, the Angelus at 6 a.m., Morning Prayer at 7, Benediction at 7:30 and Morning Mass at 8:15.

    Doesn’t this just flood your heart with life-giving hope for our Church! And this is just one university campus. There is more good news in other places!

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