Western Most Edge Oceanview

by Sister Julie Ann on August 7, 2008

The Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity focus on the ‘beach at St. Theresa Parish, Kekaha, HI’, a place at the literal edges of the United States, as the image of the month. Sister Hannah Johnecheck, OSF reflects:

And each day at school seeing the beach and seeing there’s ocean and the land stops…a constant reminder that there’s something greater than me out there. And it reminds me of my need for God. You know that sense that you could just fall off the edge almost. And that you need God to help you through each day and to carry you through each day.

4 thoughts on “Western Most Edge Oceanview”

  1. Praised be You, my Lord, through Sister Water, which is very useful and humble and precious and chaste.
    (from the Canticle of the Creatures by St. Francis of Assisi)

    All life springs from water. Water is unique and essential. Water symbolizes what is sacred and spiritual in all religions and many cultures.

    In the Judeo-Christian tradition the rich symbolism of water finds a wonderful summary in the “Prayer over Baptismal Waters” in the Rite of Baptism. At the very dawn of creation the Spirit of God breathed on the waters making them the source of all goodness. Through the waters of baptism, God’s pilgrim people enter the Promised Land where justice and harmony prevail.

    Baptism is not a rite of passage into a privileged club. It is primarily a commitment to live in the service of our sisters and brothers and to manifest the justice of our God and Father as Jesus did. It is the sacrament by which believers express their
    commitment to live as the Spirit-filled community that seeks to anticipate the fullness of life that God holds in store for all creation. http://www.vatican.va/roman_curia/pontifical_councils/justpeace/index.htm

    These sisters of ours have chosen to live their baptismal commitment in service to God’s people in a Spirit-filled community of Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity. They find nourishment and renewal in many ways, including the beauty and power of the ocean!

    How are you serving God’s people?
    How do you experience replenishment?

  2. Last night I was replenished by enjoying the stunningly elegant opening ceremonies of the Olympics in Beijing. Like the above images, the experience transforms my spirit to another place and time. While the Sisters walking the shoreline at St. Theresa are surrounded by spectacular natural beauty, technology was in its finest artistic moment in China. The graceful and precision movements of many people also made this sharing of culture and hospitality quite sensational.

  3. On this Feast of the Assumption of Mary into heaven many of us celebrate the anniversary of our Perpetual Vows!

    Reflecting on the image of these sisters walking along the ocean that stretches beyond what one can grasp by sight, I find myself remembering so many moments Jesus has revealed Himself to me, beyond what I can grasp by sight.

    Yet just as we know that there is more out there than just water; so too do I know that all the experiences of my vowed life mean so much more than I can imagine! It is so cool to live in the mystery of it all!

  4. Walking along the water renews my spirit in amazing ways. I miss walking along the ocean, so I walk along Lake Michigan. God works his healing way upon me. I have family members very sick and I hand them over to the Lord. Peace comes as I listen, ponder, reflect on His goodness to me. I trust He is leading us each day in this journey of life.

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