Here I Go by Jayme Dawicki

by Sister Julie Ann on August 1, 2008

cd-inner-lyrics-shot.jpgThe Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity spotlight Jayme Dawicki who has been performing her original material with various bands in the Milwaukee, WI area for many years.

In 2005 she decided to go solo and released her first acoustic CD, “Standing on a Bridge”. That year she also had the opportunity to open for The Fray at The Rave. In 2006, Jayme was named the WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) Female Vocalist of the Year and also was nominated for the WAMI 2006 Song of the Year for “Cold One”.

In August and September of 2007, Jayme Dawicki traveled to Imperative Studios in Seattle, WA to record her first full production CD with producer Daniel Mendez. The CD, “Shatter Queen”, was released on March 7, 2008. She has performed for three years in a row at Summerfest, is embarking on a west coast tour in August 2008, and recently has had 4 of  her songs used on MTV’s The Real World: Hollywood! Jayme performs as a soloist and with a group of fabulous backing musicians from Milwaukee under the same name.

cd-back-booklet-shot.jpgHere I Go Song Bio

Last summer I traveled to Seattle to meet my producer and get a feel for the studio that I would be staying at for two months. As I got on the plane to return home, this idea for a song about new beginnings and an exciting journey popped into my head. I brought this little snippet of a tune to the table when we started pre-production work for the CD, very raw and rough, but we knew it had to be included on the disc.

In order to complete the song, I spent several days sitting on the beach, overlooking the Puget Sound, contemplating what I was doing with my life and how my whole world was going to change with the release of my new CD. The lyrics evolved from there and “Here I Go” was born. This song truly embodies my recording experience and the change that took place inside of me.

It is a song about having courage and strength to accomplish your goals. It’s about the unknown and the possibility of greatness. Most importantly, this song represents that moment where you realize that everything you’ve dreamed of is coming true.                Jayme Dawicki

Here I Go Lyrics

Oh with an oceanview

And a skyline that sings to you

Come on – I’ve been waiting so long

Bright eyes like a child

Exploring the world so wild

Come on – Oh come on

Are you ready, ready for your life to change

Ready, are you ready for a change

Here I go, Here I go

Oh with my hand stretched high

Everything feels right this time

Come on – I’ve been waiting so long

I’m miles from home

Standing like I’ve somehow grown

Come on – Oh come on

Are you ready, ready for your life to change

Ready, for you ready for a change

Here I go, Here I go

Here I go, Here I go

Stop and breathe

Just take in the scene

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16 thoughts on “Here I Go by Jayme Dawicki”

  1. “Here I Go” is such an inspiration of “jumping into the abyss of faith” with God! I find myself praying for young adults preparing to enter or re-enter into something new, something unknown, something life changing…

    Upon listening again to this song I realize that it is for me as well, Jayme’s lyrics, are so filled with the stuff of my life: contemplation of God’s love through the ocean, through all of creation, along with wonderful energetic action of going forward with the ministry of outreach that Jesus has entrusted to me through my community of Franciscan Sisters!

    Life with God is always new, changing, growing, surprising, mysterious, and fulfilling! Here I go!!!

  2. Sister Julie Ann says:

    Wow. God speaks to me in awesome, stunning landscapes (Jayme mentions a great one-oceanviews.) Likewise, St. Francis was captivated by the beauty of creation.

    However, on this August 2, one can’t forget that this troubadour saint of Assisi experienced a “Here I Go” moment of confidence in God’s great love for him in the Portiuncula, a small, quaint building dedicated to Mary Our Lady of the Angels. Today marks that day many years ago that Francis’ life took a turning point because of his prayer and treasured solitude in a church. I had the blessing of visiting this sacred place. What a treasure!

  3. Sister Marsaia says:

    What a fun, bright and challenging song. I like the driving beat, the guitar sound, the rising melody which enhances the beckoning message to let go and be ready for a change. Surrender with “Bright eyes like a child exploring the wind so wild”. “Come on – Oh come on!” Who is calling each of us? Who, I wonder?

    The keyboard interlude before verse three seems to emphasize that it does take waiting, discerning, and journeying – going far from one’s comfort zone in order to grow. Our hands “stretched high” in prayer we learn to “feel right” with the Lord, with each other, with our life choices.

    The final verse of the song is so like the scripture verse where the Lord tells us not to look back once we’ve put our hands to the plow: “never look back! Oh come on, oh come on…”could be Jesus’ words and if we will “open our eyes, see the view from greater height” we may have the courage to cry out in answer: “here I go, here I go.”

  4. V.N. says:

    I really enjoyed the song, as I always do. I am still hoping to come for a retreat within the next couple of months. Thank you for keeping in touch
    with me.

  5. V.N., we are grateful that Jayme(and other artists before her)moved your heart! I agree with you. One can not help but feel inspired after listening to our songs of the month and be moved to some kind of action in your life.

  6. Lucy Schmitz says:

    Every time I listen to this song it seems to fit me more and more. In just a couple weeks I am starting high school. It is true that God speaks from everywhere.

  7. Lucy, you couldn’t be more right. Beginning high school is truly one of those ‘Here I Go’ experiences. I know attending a Catholic high school has been yours and your parents’ dream. Enjoy the changing Lake Michigan shoreline each day on the road and be refreshed by God’s great love for you every minute of the day. Peace and all good.

  8. This song is one that finds new meaning for the young women preparing to join us as Postulants! We are excited to welcome one of the gals on Thursday! Here she goes! What about any of you out there…what is your new beginning at this time?

  9. How wonderful to be welcoming a postulant this week. I will keep all involved in my prayer

    Our staff had an all day meeting today preparing for the new beginnings of parish work this year. Here we go; honored to serve our parishioners and people beyond our parish, reliant on God’s grace!

    We also welcome a new bishop in our diocese this week. Here we go, again, to new adventures of grace.

  10. Anyone in the state of Wisconsin who would like to have a ‘Here I Go’ moment in learning more about what the U.S. Bishops say about the issue of immigration and what is a Christian response, consider joining the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity, the Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross, the Norbertines of St. Norbert Abbey, the Diocese of Green Bay and the Franciscan Friars of the Assumption Province for an Immigration Pilgrimage, A Journey to Hope, on September 7, 2008 at 12 noon.

    Click on this link for further details.

    Be asssured that this will be an unforgetable journey of the heart mixed with multi-culture music, prayer and people with poignant stories past and present.

  11. Alison says:

    i thought it was nice and i would listen to it again just to here the lyrics. i thought it sends a message telling us to take a chance that could change something in ur life, “Here I Go” is a song that u just want to get up and start dancing and singing to it. I was singing to it, and i loved it.

  12. Alison, I agree that Jayme’s music encourages us to make a decision that seems ours to make. The Lord bless you as you do just that in your own life. Peace and all good.

  13. Regina says:

    i thought the music was really pretty. i also think that here i go is trying to tell us to take chances because we only live life once. i think it also says that we should just let go and let God take us. the song was really awesome…i liked it alot!

  14. Mariah says:

    “Here I Go”is a really nice song. It reminds me that Jesus has streched out his hand and all we have to do is take it and follow him and he will be with you forever.

  15. Mariah and Regina, thanks for sharing with us your reflective thoughts. May you let go and let God assist you in making any decisions that are yours!

  16. Sr. Delores Wisnicky says:

    Thanks, Alison, Regina and Mariah…
    You are insightful and listening within. God has wonderful things instore for you. Walk with Him and surprises(blessings) come…

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