Franciscan Sisters Welcome Pam Peasel

by Sister Julie Ann on August 28, 2008

pam.jpgToday, August 28, 2008, the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity welcome Pam Peasel to the postulancy. She is the daughter of Sharon and Richard Peasel and has three brothers and one younger sister. From Grand Blanc, MI, Pam has been teaching French and History at Almont Commmunity Schools for two years and is a member of Holy Family Parish from the Diocese of Lansing.

img_4541_1443.jpgPam’s day began with a ferryboat ride across Lake Michigan. As a postulant with God’s help, the guidance of a directress and the support of family and many Franciscan Sisters,  she embarks on a journey to become a happy, holy, and healthy consecrated woman.

img_4545_1447.jpgOn a lighter side, Pam’s arrival on the shore of Manitowoc was far from a quiet one. The Harley Davidson anniversary in Milwaukee led others to form a line of welcome that invited bikers to ‘make a noise’ as they departed the ferry. Needless to say, this coincidence of arriving with this group of ‘noise makers’ will not be forgotten by Pam or her parents.

Lastly, another unforgetable fact is that today is the feast of  St. Augustine. It is a wonderful day to begin anew and to take a significant step in following the Lord’s call. Augustine’s wisdom is comforting in this quote.

God loves each of us as if there were only one of us.

Messages of prayer and support for Pam are welcome.

63 thoughts on “Franciscan Sisters Welcome Pam Peasel”

  1. Sister Laura says:

    I will just add my welcome to those of all the other Sisters. What a blessing to us to have you join us. We look forward to growing with you in the Lord.

  2. Sister Mary Hugh says:

    It is great to have you with us.Hope all is going good for you. God bless you and keep you under his care.

  3. Sister Jan Villemure says:

    I am so happy you are part of our Franciscan family. I, too, am from Michigan and a high school teacher. We need to share our love for Michigan and high school students.
    My brother-in-law was the manager of the Grand Blanc Detroit and Northern credit union. I have been to your hometown.
    My prayers support you in this time of transition to religious life.
    God bless,
    Sister Jan

  4. Kelsey says:

    Pam, I am so happy for you!
    May God continue to shower his blessings on you as you embark on your journey with the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity.

  5. Welcome Pam!
    I just met you at dinner 2 days ago. You were rushing as it was a full scheduled day of classes and teaching for you. That’s the beginning of “…called to serve”. Sorry I hit you with so many questions inbetween swallows. May your days and moments of “called to be” be blessed with our Lords’ love,joy,and whispering voice.
    Gentle Blessings,
    Sister Marialee

  6. Shelly Rariden says:

    Pam- I cannot wait to see what great things that GOd has planned for you! I am so proud of you for “listening” to the call and the Faith and trust to follow that call. YOu will be in my prayers.

    thinking of you, love , ysic, Shelly

  7. Aloha Pam,
    Greetings from Kekaha, Hawaii. It is wonderful to have you with us! My name is Sr. Mary Ann Feminella and I am teaching fourth grade here at St. Theresa. The local people are so loving and friendly. They just love the sisters. The children are children – loving, accepting, fun and can be challenging, at times. That’s to be expected.
    Well, enjoy your days. Know that you are kept in prayer. Stay close to Jesus, all He wants is your Love!
    Bye for now.
    Sr. Mary Ann

  8. How wonderful to see the many comments! Thank you all for your support for Pam and for your continued prayers for her and all of us Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity. We look forward to Pam’s parents’ Motherhouse visit this fall.

  9. mary corbin says:

    Congratulations AGAIN Pam! I have been checking the website periodically to see how you are doing. I just read about your formal acceptance…. on Dec. 8th. I am so excited for you and will continue to keep you in my prayers. Once upon a time, I seriously considered holy life ( ” Servants of Mary”)…

    I hope to be able to continue to read about your progress as you grow in your love and faith.

    Mary Corbin

  10. Mary, thanks for supporting Pam with your prayers and watching for other highlights of her journey with the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity. May the Lord bless you with peace.

  11. Pam says:

    Thank you so much Mary!! I truly appreciate your prayers and support! Know of my prayers for you and your family! I think about all of you at the school often. Please tell Brooke “Bonjour” for me! Merry Christmas to you all!!

  12. Mary Schlueter says:

    Hello Pam,  I hope you are well and happy.  I saw pictures of you and your family at Tim and Julie's wedding.  You all looked great.  We are enjoying the new addition to our family, Caroline.  I hope you saw her pictures.  We are all well and think of you often.  Your are in out thoughts and prayers.  Love and happiness from the Schlueter Family.

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