Franciscan Sisters and Diocese of Green Bay Greet Bishop Ricken

by Sister Julie Ann on August 27, 2008

img_4532_1434.jpgWednesday, August 27, 2008, almost one hundred Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity gathered with other religious, priests and representatives of the Diocese of Green Bay to pray Solemn Vespers with the Most Reverend David L. Ricken at St. John the Baptist Church, Green Bay, WI on the eve of his installation as the twelve Bishop of Green Bay.

img_4526_1428.jpgDesiring to meet this man described as high energy, pastoral, a fair ventriloquist and most significantly as a dedicated person of deep faith, many of  the Franciscan Sisters also accepted an invitation to a reception later held  at Rock Garden, Green Bay.

img_4533_1435.jpgHere are some brief biographical facts: 

  • son of George and Bertha Ricken
  • one brother, Mark and one sister, Carol
  • product of Catholic education from elementary to Licentiate degree (J.C.L.) in Canon Law
  • once Vocation Director for the Diocese of Pueblo
  • former official of the Congregation of the Clergy at the Vatican
  • ordained as a Bishop for the Diocese of Cheyenne in 2000
  • serves on the U.S. Bishops’ Committee on Catechesis, Protection of Children and Young People,  and more
  • motto: Caritas-Sapientia-Fortifudo (Charity, Wisdom, Fortitude or Courage-three important virtues in the Bishop’s life)

Do you have any special thoughts or prayers for Bishop Ricken as he begins his ministry as the Bishop of  the Diocese of Green Bay?

23 thoughts on “Franciscan Sisters and Diocese of Green Bay Greet Bishop Ricken”

  1. Leaving St. John the Baptist Church last evening, I couldn’t help but feel like we as Church are called to be HOPE. Bishop David Ricken’s first words of shepherding the flock of Green Bay focused all on the Gospel HOPE that is ours in Jesus. This message heartfully resonates with the Franciscan spirit.

    Welcome, Bishop David. Peace and all good to you!

  2. Sr. Catherine Gilles says:

    It was a privilege to pray with and meet Bishop Ricken at the Vespers and Reception last evening. The Church in Green Bay is blessed. And those of us at Silver Lake College have noted that Bishop Ricken was one of the founders of Wyoming Catholic College. We’re gratified for his interest in Catholic higher education and will welcome his visit to Silver Lake College. May God be with you as you work with us in the Green Bay Diocese, Bishop.

  3. As I watched the installation of Bishop Ricken today on the TV, I heard the concept of hope reiterated in many ways: hope for good priests and religious, hope for strong marriages and families, hope for a flourishing rural life and spirituality, hope for the youth, the elderly, the unborn and the marginalized. This coincides well with our community study of the encyclical on Hope and our Community intention for Mass: “That as Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity we share with others our hope in God.”

  4. Sister Kay Klackner says:

    Welcome, Bishop Ricken, to the Diocese of Green Bay! May God’s blessings surround you as you adjust to a new home and many new people. We look forward to having you visit Silver Lake College and working with you to further Catholic education in the diocese and beyond.
    The vespers service and reception were wonderful experiences and a taste of the celebrating prayer of the Diocese of Green Bay! God bless you!

  5. Sister Marlita Henseler says:

    Bishop Ricken’s theme of hope in his homily at the Vespers Service on Aug. 27 gave us all real inspiration , and set a tone that both encourages and challenges us. We are all called to be persons of hope and trust in God’s will for us, and that is both a comfort and a real call to respond compassionately to so many persons and happenings in our daily lives.
    Let us pray that as responsible Diocesan members,we unite with the new Bishop in striving to image Jesus to one another.

  6. Sr. Patricia Linssen says:

    Celebrating the Vespers service with our new bishop, Bishop Ricken, and so many people of the diocese was a prayerful and wonderful experience. There was excitement as the group gathered at St. John the Baptist Church and such great participation by all as we prayed Vespers(Evening Prayer) together. It was a pleasure to personally meet Bishop Ricken at the reception and welcome him to our diocese and offer our prayers as he begins his ministry here.

  7. Click here: The August 28, 2008 posting highlights a great Green Bay Press Gazette photo of Bishop Ricken and a friar friend at the recent installation liturgy. Francis would be proud.

  8. Sister Mariella Erdmann says:

    I experienced such deep prayer, faith, and HOPE at the Solemn Vesper service with Bishop David Ricken. It filled me with such joy and love for our Church. How fitting in our world today to have Bishop Ricken focus on the need for Hope in his homily. He came across to me as a gentle and compassionate shepherd for the diocese of Green Bay. I look forward to meeting him and will keep him in my prayers as he takes on the spiritual leadership of the Diocese of Green Bay.

  9. Sister Winifred says:

    If he can sing, he’s in with me, since “Only a
    Lover Sings”J. Pieper’s book.
    Sister Winifred

  10. Sister Adrianna says:

    It was a privelege to share prayer with so many to welcome Bishop Ricken. the prayer and music of the Vespers service was excellent, good balance of choir, cantor and congregation. The spirit of hope was very evident.

  11. Sister sue Ann Hall says:

    Hi, I’m reporting from Kaukauna, WI, St. Paul Manor and I thought the Vespers Service for and with our new bishop, Bishop David Rickens was such a beautiful way to pray for and with him on the night before his Installation.

    During the reception I met him and it was a very homey meeting, firm hand shake and delightful smile. I felt very blest. God Bless you Bishop with His Spirit.

  12. Sister Carol Mathe says:

    Bishop Ricken:

    Even though we are far away in Bapchule, Arizona know that you are in our prayers and welcome you to the Diocese of Green Bay as the new Bishop. We are blessed to have you working with our community of Franciscan Sisters.

  13. Sr. Pat Sevcik says:

    What a joy to take part in the celebration of Solemn Vespers with Bishop Ricken! Bishop Ricken spoke of hope during his homily. This year we Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity will be focusing on hope as we work together, pray, and share our thoughts on the encyclical, “On Christian Hope,” by Benedict XVI. We pray for God’s special blessings and graces for Bishop Ricken as he shepherds the Diocese of Green Bay.

  14. Sister Myra Jean Sweigart says:

    What a message of hope for the Diocese of Green Bay! It was a joy to see so many gathered and hear voices joined in song and prayer for our new Bishop. We continue to offer our prayer, support and welcome to him. May the Lord grant Bishop Ricken continued enthuasiam and energy as he shepherds the people of the Church.

  15. Sister Annette Blonde says:

    The Vespers Service welcoming Bishop Rickin was just a superb celebration! All the voices raised up in song must have been heard throughout all of Green Bay! And what an honor it was to meet the Bishop afterward at the reception. A most memorable evening.

  16. Sr. Delores Wisnicky says:

    We are in a new place of history in our diocese and how blessed we are as a people. I was at the Solemn Vespers, what a holy time of prayer and worship. I was able to speak with the Bishop before the Vespers and what a warm greeting and handshake we exchanged.
    I sensed our new Bishop is happy to be here.
    His message of Hope said alot to me.
    I enjoyed his homily very much the following day. His sincerity and humor were wonderful to experience…
    Welcome, Bishop David Ricken!

  17. Sister Mary Frederick says:

    Dear Bishop Ricken,
    It was a great pleasure to be present at your investiture and to meet you personally at Rock Garden. Your homily left me feeling for the people you left in Wyoming but selfishly, if you will, felt so good for the all of us you will be serving here in Green Bay. We look forward to your spiritual leadership here in Green Bay and look forward to meeting you when you visit our Franciscan Community here in MAnitowoc. God bless you, Sister Mary Frederick

  18. Sister Laura says:

    It was wonderful to be a part of the welcoming vespers for Bishop Ricken and to watch his installation on TV. The Lord has blessed our Diocese with a wonderful leader. I wish him much peace and succes.

  19. My response to the evening and our meeting with Bishop David was,”It is worth the wait!” I am looking forward to Bishop’s visit to Manitowoc and to Roncallli High School. I know the students will fall in love with him immediately.

    Welcome Bishop Ricken, you are in our prayers daily.

  20. Sister Jan Villemure says:

    I love my work as a high school teacher in Yuma Arizona. The only bad part is I miss the Green Bay Diocese at times like this, when the new Bishop was appointed. I read the Compass, the diocesan newspaper to keep in touch. I worked in Green Bay for 10 years. It was one of my favorite places to live and serve the Lord.
    Sister Jan

  21. Hi Bishop Ricken,
    Welcome to the Green Bay Diocese. A room full of us watched your instillation on TV. What a Happy priest (Bishop)!! Your values, message of Hope in Jesus, your “down home spirit”:all make you a most believable and trustworthy messanger of our God and His promises.
    I leave Holy Family Convent in two weeks to begin my mission assignment of caring for my elderly mother in Florida. AM most grateful to my Community for allowing me this privilege. I’d appreciate a little prayer for Mom and I when you can. Thank you.
    God bless and keep you happy and safe.
    Sister Marialee

  22. Karl Keas says:

    Congradulations Bishop Ricken. Hope things are going well for you in Greenbay. My wife used to work for your Sister in Colorado Springs. I dont know if you remember my Son & I from the walk for vocations. Jason is in the Seminary In Denver. My wife has relatives in Crivitz Wis. There name is Banazack. We had a Lady Mora Nunun talk in Colorado about New Age. She wanted to send you a book&CD so IM sending it out to you. God Bless The Keas From Colorado

  23. Hi Karl,
    I’m sure that Bishop Ricken must love to hear from you over there in CO! We are blessed to have him as Bishop in the Green Bay diocese and looking forward to an opportunity for him to visit our Motherhouse here in Manitowoc! Thanks for writing! Peace and all good!

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