Called to Be Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Hawaiian Mission Part One

by Sister Julie Ann on August 5, 2008

View this podcast featuring the lives of the people of St. Theresa Parish, Kekaha, HI. Hear about life from the Franciscan Sisters currently serving in this vibrant place of God.

Consider being a Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity. Choose God.

6 thoughts on “Called to Be Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Hawaiian Mission Part One”

  1. Since I have never been to Hawaii, I was thrilled to see this podcast. I am so proud of our sisters who serve in Hawaii and was moved to hear the comments of the pastor and principal who appreciate the sisters’ work. It is clear that serving in Hawaii is not all glamor but the natural beauty is glamorous!

  2. View this Franciscanized Hawaiian World: a refreshingly straight-forward account of our Sisters called by God to be among the faith-filled island people and doing what is theirs to do. I found myself riding the ocean waves and being renewed by the goodness of God present in all of creation.

  3. Sister Mary Ann Feminella says:

    Greetings from Hawaii. I have recently viewed the first part of the piece done this past spring. It is beautifully done! This is a very special place to be. I am blest to be able to serve in this holy place – God’s Garden Island.

  4. Sister Mary Ann, I like the thought of living in a ‘garden’. May your first days with the little ones be especially blessed! For those who haven’t noticed, here’s part two of the story…

  5. Sister Annette says:

    As I viewed the pod cast of our mission and Sisters in Hawaii I was filled with a sense of pride for all they are and are doing. I felt strongly as they spoke of the sacrifice and selflessness their life demands and the joy they bring to the people they serve. May each of us strive to do the same. Thank you for your example and your selfgiving.

  6. Sr. Delores Wisnicky says:

    As I look at the podcast, wonderful memories wash over me. I pray all is going well for you. May the Lord bless your work and efforts abundantly…
    I am learning lots here at Clarks Mills. The people are very friendly, like all of you on Kauai. I send love and prayers…

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