FSCC Summer Talent Showcase

by Sister Julie Ann on July 20, 2008

Sisters Lead Musical Hit listKaraoke and American Idol competitions are some of today’s popular entertainment choices. Similarly during this month of July, the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity find joy in  fostering community spirit with a Summer Talent Show. Sunday afternoon, July 20, 2008, was the date chosen for this recreational opportunity that not only highlighted the Sisters’ talents, but Franciscan merriment as well.

Franciscan Sister Flautists perform.Musical renditions that were part of the 2:00 p.m. program include:

  • Carnival, Sarabonde, Gavotte       
  • Granada, Trieste Overture, Casey Jones
  • 1960’s: Try to Remember; Scarborough Fair
  • Harp, flute, accordion, string and harmonica selections
  • Franciscan Sister compositions
  • Musical medley

Dances (Tanzanian King Lizombi, Black Nag-Pride & Prejudice style, Nigerian Fatima) and humorous stories added further show variety and much audience amusement.

Care to share any comments about this Franciscan fun? Do you have any other unforgetable memories of  home-spun entertainment that you have been involved in?

2 thoughts on “FSCC Summer Talent Showcase”

  1. Sister Patricia Sevcik says:

    The Summer Talent Show was great fun! Thank you Sisters Anne and Patricia for all of the hard work you did to get the program organized!! This show highlighted the talents of many Sisters and gave those of us in the audience lot of laughs. The music reminded me of the “olden days” and summers past, during which many of us would sit outside in Sacred Heart Court and sing favorite songs and relax before ending the day with Night Prayer. Can you sense “Talent Show 2009” coming on?

  2. Sister Patricia, I think you are right about sensing a 2009 Talent Show is in the works. (That’s quite amazing considering this program was two hours long!) There is something about group dynamics that breeds more creativity! I’m curious. Just what are you thinking of doing next year?

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