Come Holy Ghost/Enkindle by Kataluma (WYD Song) Illustrated

by Sister Julie Ann on June 30, 2008

The Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity feature “Come Holy Ghost/Enkindle”, an energetic musical journey for Catholic young adults, those recently confirmed, those preparing to attend World Youth Day in Sydney, Australia and those who are not able to attend but are well aware of the Holy Spirit’s action in their daily lives in the here and now. Kataluma is the name of an occasional coalescence of Wisconsin musicians and creatives. In this instance, it comprises John Tanner, Sue Bruk, Bob Monagle and Mark Kolter. Download this song free  -click on the link and select save as on PCs�

Read more about these spirited musicians.

Click here to listen to this podcast.

19 thoughts on “Come Holy Ghost/Enkindle by Kataluma (WYD Song) Illustrated”

  1. Sister Marie Bernadette Dorn says:

    Come Holy Ghost! How inspiring! The pictures and song make me so happy to be alive. It is good to see the work of our Sisters in several areas of the nation. I am so proud to be one of them.

  2. In purely Pauline (1Cor. 3:16) fashion Holy Ghost/Enkindle reminds us: “Are you not aware that you are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?” One can’t help but be drawn into an orchestrated movement of Spirited people and music. This song is truly for the entire world!

  3. Sister Hannah Johnecheck says:

    As I listened to “Come Holy Ghost/Enkindle” I was struck by two things. First, I was struck by the combination of the music and pictures. The song is meant to represent a journey. The images of people just like us, intermixed with images of the Holy Spirit, helped a person to see themselves as a person traveling with the Holy Spirit, not alone. Second, I was struck by the phrase, “come safe within us”. How many of us think of our souls as a place of safety for the Holy Spirit. Yet, when we are comitted to prayer and to openning ourselves to Christ, the Holy Spirit can find safety in our souls. Through our prayer and choices there becomes no room for evil only good in our souls; and isn’t a place where good is greater than any evil how we think of a safe place.

  4. Michelle Quesada says:

    It was nice to listen to the song and at the same time see pictures from camp franciscan. It helps relate the song to our own experiences.

  5. Sister Natalie says:

    To enkindle our lives and hearts with the Holy Spirit is a very appropriate prayer for the journey of each day and of a lifetime! The music, words and pictures give a feeling of joyful hope drawing one into that journey of the rest of the day into tomorrow, wherever God is leading us/the world!

  6. Sister Elena Gonzales says:

    A Yuma friend has asked me–What have you been up to? Have you been working anywhere lately? When do you have to leave for Hawaii?

    Lately I have been working for the vocation team (Sister Julie Ann & Sister Mary Ann.) They have me gluing little flip-flops together. I believe they will be handing out these cute little flip-flops to young women at the Life-Fest this July.

    Presently, I have another little project going on. My job is to stamp 1600 times onto cute little notepads.

    In between the crafty jobs I eat, pray and play (all the essentials of life.) (o:

    Later on I’ll be in retreat from 7/20-7/26. (Can’t Wait!)

    Then on July 28th I fly out to Hawaii. (o:

    Blog Back.

    Sister Elena

  7. Sister Elaine Turba says:

    To be so filled with the Holy Spirit that we overflow…what a tremendous gift that is. We are called each day to live with the Spirit within us. How blessed we are to have so many reminders surrounding us of the Spirit’s presence through words, music, and pictures. May the journey for each of us continue to be one of greater connection with the Spirit working in our lives.

  8. As I watched and listened to this great musical journey one more time (and I’m sure it will not be my last) my mind lingers on the stain glass representation of John the Baptist. In Pope Benedict XVI’s Jesus of Nazareth there is a whole chapter devoted to the Baptism of Jesus. The Holy Father invites us to “imagine the extraordinary impression that the figure and message of John the Baptist must have produced in the highly charged atmosphere of Jerusalem at that particular moment of history. At last there was a prophet again, and his life marked him out as such. God’s hand was at last plainly acting in history again.”

    How about us? Are we not called to be God’s hand (feet, heart, etc.) plainly acting in our present day? This music moves us to Gospel action.

  9. Anna Ortiz says:

    This video is great. I loved being able to reminice about Camp Franciscan and soak in the peaceful melody. I only hope that this summer’s camp will impact other girls as much as it did me.

  10. Some songs linger in your head (like this one…) and some people are memorable joys that prop up often and hold a deep Sisterly-soul connection. Anna, you are one of those special people to us! Peace and all good.

  11. The action of the Holy Spirit continues to unfold in each of us through music, mystery, story, relationship, activity and light!

    Megan McKenna writes in her work “Send My Roots Rain,” “All cultures and races and religions serve the one true God and reveal the Creator among us…always light comes from the east, the place of resurrection.

    In ancient baptismal rituals we are asked to turn and face the light that is coming upon us; we are baptized and given the light to take into the world. As Jesus brought light into the world, and as Mary, the first believer brought light into the world. When light comes, all is revealed.”

    This piece is also a light!

  12. With the announcement of Bishop David L. Ricken as our new Bishop of the Diocese of Green Bay, this music fits the mood of the day! May the Holy Spirit’s seven fold gifts be his and ours as we “rebuild our Church” today! See:

  13. Ana Konopacki says:

    Dear Sisters,

    This really isn’t about the song, but I couldn’t find anywhere else to write it. Thank you so much for choosing me to be interviewed. It was my first time doing that sort of thing, and I liked it alot!!! Camp was so much fun, and I can ensure you that I will be coming back next year!!! Thank you so much once again!! May God Bless You!!!


  14. Ana,
    This is a great place to share about your experiences regarding Camp Franciscan this summer, especially TODAY as the whole Church begins the celebration of World Youth Day! The Holy Spirit is very present within all these wonderful experiences of sharing our faith! It is a joy to be on this journey with you Ana!

  15. Ana,it is always good to hear from you (but even better to see you.) Thanks for commenting here. This song calls to mind the seven-fold gifts of the Spirit that are ours! Thanks for sharing your special gifts of grace with us. We look forward to seeing Saturday’s Herald Times Reporter and reading your comments on Camp Franciscan. Peace and all good. I’m sure your 4-H potluck tasted great.

  16. Archbishop Denis Hart of Melbourne told pilgrims at WYD that our challenge is to “fall in love with Jesus”

    Archbishop Hart said that if the challenge is falling in love with Jesus, that means being “guided by his Spirit, and to come through our journey following a life-giving promise, which will not fade or wear out, the power of Jesus, of the sacraments he gives us and of the Word of God to make us strong and offer to the world the only possibility that it can know, of lasting happiness.”

  17. After watching this video’s powerful message, do check out another that includes mention of our Sisters serving in Greenwood, MS. We applaud Father Greg Plata, OFM and the other members of the Assumption Province of the Order of Friars Minor who serve at St. Francis of Assisi Parish and beyond.

    The friars have additional videos posted on youtube that include Brother Andy Brophy, OFM, who also ministers to the people of God in Mississippi. The Spirit is present and with us!

  18. The message of the Holy Father for the pilgrims at WYD and those of us at home are challenging and encouraging:

    Following God

    Benedict XVI had a particular greeting for the seminarians and young religious at the Mass.

    “You have committed yourselves, in different ways, to accepting Christ’s invitation to follow him, to leave all behind, and to devote your lives to the pursuit of holiness and the service of his people,” the Pope told them.

    “Certainly there are times when every faithful disciple will feel the heat and the burden of the day, and the struggle of bearing prophetic witness before a world which can appear deaf to the demands of God’s word,” he acknowledged.

    But, the Holy Father went on: “Do not be afraid! Believe in the light! Take to heart the truth which we have heard in today’s second reading: ‘Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and for ever.'”

    “Each of you has embarked on the greatest and the most glorious of all struggles, to be consecrated in truth, to grow in virtue, to achieve harmony between your thoughts and ideals, and your words and actions,” the Bishop of Rome said. “Walk in Christ’s light daily through fidelity to personal and liturgical prayer, nourished by meditation on the inspired word of God.

    “The Fathers of the Church loved to see the Scriptures as a spiritual Eden, a garden where we can walk freely with God, admiring the beauty and harmony of his saving plan as it bears fruit in our own lives, in the life of the Church and in all of history. Let prayer, then, and meditation on God’s word, be the lamp which illumines, purifies and guides your steps along the path which the Lord has marked out for you.”

    The Pope said that through their lives of prayer and fidelity, the seminarians and young religious would become “living altars, where Christ’s sacrificial love is made present as an inspiration and a source of spiritual nourishment to everyone you meet.”

    The entire message is found:

  19. As WYD culminates today with a special Eucharist, so, too, did we gather around the Lord’s table to witness the renewal of vows of our Sisters, Sister Elena and Sister Mary Irene. The Holy Father’s words that Sister Mary Ann commented on seemed perfect for these our Sisters, as well as all of us, as look to living our lives for Christ. Again, the rhythmic movement and lyrics of this song move us to serve others with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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