Camp Franciscan: The Third Summer of the Sisterhood

by Sister Julie Ann on June 15, 2008

copy2.jpgThe Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity are welcoming 55 young women and chaperones for Camp Franciscan July 15-18, 2008. Eighteen of the campers are high school, college and post college age. The others are junior high students. All are eager to make friends from 6 states, 8 (arch)dioceses, and 19 parishes.

img_4278_0832.jpgSunday is leadership day. Those who will assist in leading activities will take time to pray, tour the Motherhouse grounds, learn about what the scriptures say about servant-leaders, as well as other helpful information that will make the camp activities run smoothly in the days ahead.

100_1335_07861.jpgMonday at 1 p.m. all other campers arrive to learn the camp theme song, begin introductions and start fine art sessions, enjoy recreational fun time together,  as well as devote significant time to growing in their relationship with God. Salvatorian Fr. Scott Jones is the official chaplain for Camp Franciscan. Other priests invited for sacramental needs on Monday evening include: Fr. Samuel Jadin O.Praem, Fr. Mathew Simonar, Fr. Loren Nys, SDS, Fr. Harold Berryman and Fr. Richard Klingeisen.

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  1. Peace and all good, our Camp Franciscan Sisters. WE are so thrilled to have you with us for the Third Summer of the Sisterhood. May the Lord bless you in all the events of the coming days. We look forward to hearing from you while you are with us and when you return home. May our Sisterhood unite us across the miles.

  2. Dear Campers, Sisters and friends,

    I am leading several sisters at Monte Alverno, Appleton, in retreat. We want you to know that we are praying for all of you each day. May God grace you with good weather, wonderful companions and rich memories. I am eager to read your postings on our blog.

  3. What a wonderful group of leaders are pictured here! I pray that your days at Camp Franciscan are enjoyable in making new friends. May you learn new things for Spirit-filled livng, and pray in ways that are helpful for you and those back home with whom you will share this experience. God bless you, all!

  4. Sister Rosangela says:

    Welcome to all of you! How wonderful to see so many young people interested in expanding their spiritual life. May God grace these days for you and give you lasting joyful memories.

  5. Sister Adrianna says:

    How good it is for you to be here. Your spirit and enthusiam are enriching for all of us. Your days are filled with many activities and times for prayer, so it is good that you come to share meals with us. That way we can get to know each other. God’s blessings on your time at CAMP FRANCISCAN

  6. When I meet with the sisters this AM for prayer I will share an update with them about CAMP FRANCISCAN and your pictures. What a joy to be able to follow your activities.

    We remembered all of you at Mass today.

    Our retreat days are going well. We have Mass with the friars in the AM. We are all invited to share reflections on the scriptures. We’re relaxing in God’s mercy and goodness today.

  7. Sister Louise says:

    It is wonderful to have so many delightful and enthusiastic young women here for Camp Franciscan. May the Lord bless their days with us.

  8. Sister Leonette says:

    Tucson, families, I hope you are checking this website. The girls are all doing very well. We had smooth, uneventful flights to Green Bay and even landed in Green Bay 20 minutes early. Convent vans were there to pick us up promptly. The second van, of which I was a passenger, mistakenly? took a wrong turn heading toward Manitowoc, and of course made the most of it by driving past Lambeau Field – home of the GB Packers. Jasmine got good pictures.
    You can be proud of your girls. They are making new friends, entering into the activities with good spirits, and, hopefully, growing in the Lord through the prayer experiences. We have a wonderful group of 52 girls present.
    Please keep all of us in prayer as we do you.
    Weather report: sunny today, a few clouds, a cool breeze, temperature in the low 70’s – perfect Wisconsin summer weather.
    If you have access to these blogs, we would love to hear from you.

    Sister Leonette

  9. It is great to have so many wonderful, spirit-filled, gracious young women with us for Camp Franciscan!!!! It is a joy to get to know these 55 young gals! God is so good to us giving us beautiful sunshine too!

  10. Sister Jan says:

    Hello all you campers in the Third Summer of the Sisterhood. It is so great to have so many young women with us. I am grateful to the Pastors, the Knights of Columbus and the Catholic Women of Yuma, who gave us money for the air travel for the Yuma crew. Otherwise the distance would be too great for us to afford to come to WI. The Yuma Arizona gals noticed the green environment, the pointy houses, the cool air, the rain on our arrival. they had to experience the warmth of the Sisters at Holy Family Convent to feel at home. It looks like they are enjoying their first, second and third camp experience. Hopefully our school of Yuma Catholic will feel the effects of the Spirit of the Sisterhood.
    God bless,
    Sister Jan

  11. Sister Elaine says:

    What a wonderful experience these past few days have been with our Campers! Their enthusiasm for the various events and activities has been contagious. I am so happy you have been able to join our Franciscan family here in Manitowoc these days. May you carry your wonderful spirit with you wherever you go. God bless you!

  12. Anna says:

    Hello, again! I loved the pictures of camp franciscan! I had a bunch of fun. I cannot wait to come back next summer!!!!! thanks for everything you have done!

  13. Anna, we enjoyed meeting you. We truly witnessed God’s goodness in you. Please do continue to keep in touch. We welcome your comments at any time.

  14. Amie novitski says:

    The pictures were really cool they really showed how much fun all the girls had including me. It was a very good thing to take these pictures. it really shows other young ladies how much fun you can have even if you come by yourself.

  15. Amie, Sister Mary Ann and I are thrilled that you enjoyed yourself. May the Lord bless your summer.

  16. Sister Kay Klackner says:

    I’m tired…are you? It was a great Franciscan Camp with some wonderful young women. Think about it for next year…the days are well worth your time.

  17. Sister Kay, what would we do without your presence in Camp Franciscan warm up and night time activities?! Sister Mary Ann and I are so grateful for our FSCC Sisterhood.

  18. Sister Jan says:

    Hey all you Yuma girls….what did you think of camp this year? We are waiting to hear from you. Or are you baking in that heat?

  19. Sister Verone says:

    I just looked at the thumbnail pictures from Camp Franciscan and can hardly wait to have time enough to look at them larger. I am happy to know that the camp was so well attended by so many enthusiastic young women.

  20. Sister Paulita says:

    Good evening,
    I am trying out this blog to see how it works and what results it will have. This is the 2nd time that I have written on this blog but I have not followed up to see what happened. So I’ll see what happens this time.
    I am living at St. Francis Convent and have been here for 5 years. One of my main jobs is to take care of the computers and try to keep them in working condition. When there is a probelem I try to solve it. Some times it works to get things in working order again and then it takes some time to solve it.
    Enough for this time. Have a good day and God bless you.

  21. irene adjei says:

    Thank you, for the best summer ever. i enjoyed camp. it was very exciting. i was never bored the whole time. i hope more would like to come people because they would have a great time. i love you all and i enjoy and love what you all do.


  22. Sister Paulita,

    Glad to see you are on the blog. I find it interesting to check the blog most days to see what people are writing and how others are responding. It’s an open communication for many to share. Hope to hear from you and others at St. Francis in the future.

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