Called to be: Franciscan Sister and Catholic Elementary School Teacher

by Sister Julie Ann on June 1, 2008

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Elena Gonzales shares a vocation reflection on her call to be a consecrated religious and a teacher. Once a member of Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, Parker, AZ, Sister Elena has now completed student teaching at St. Peter the Fisherman School, Two Rivers, WI and is preparing for ministry at St. Theresa School, Kekaha, HI. Sister Mary Lee Schommer, OSF is principal at St. Peter the Fisherman School.

 Click here to watch the podcast.Franciscan-Sister-Elena-Gonzales-with-symbols-of-her-profession

63 thoughts on “Called to be: Franciscan Sister and Catholic Elementary School Teacher”

  1. Lucy Schmitz says:

    Sister Elena,
    How wonderful to use the talents God gave you in such a good way. Your story is very interesting and best of luck in your future adventures.

  2. Ana Konopacki says:

    Dear Sr. Elena,

    I think you are a really great teacher and and even greater friend to everyone at St. Peter the Fisherman. I wish you could have taught my class. That would have been fun! Well, please, please, please come and visit SPFCS soon.

    Ana P.S, I’ll miss you!

  3. Katie Dellamater says:

    I thought the movie was cool. It was interesting to see how Sister was called to be a sister.

  4. Alexis Zozaya says:

    The video made me think about leaving my options open and think about becoming a sister.

  5. lizette gutierrez says:

    Sr. Elena,
    I am really happy that you found your calling! That is truly amazing, and you found yours rather quick. SOmetimes it takes people a lifetime to find their calling, and to know what God called them to be in life. I am so very happy for you!

  6. Felicia Jaimez says:

    Aw i thought it was cute!! I like that some one who is confused on what they want to be or why there’s a gap in there heart can watch this video of a great example of a person who felt the same way. I enjoyed it.

  7. Anna says:

    I thought this video is really inspirational. It showed me that you can be truly happy with the Lord and that we need to share that wonderful abundant joy with the others around you. I loved it.

  8. Sarah Myers says:

    I thought that this video was really cool. I was one of Sister Elena’s students at SPFCS. She was such a fun teacher to be around and I know that the kids in Hawaii will love her too. She is so sweet and caring. She will make a really great teacher and i wish her well in her years in Hawaii.


  9. Sister Elena promised to answer your questions. So do come back to check out her answers!

  10. Sister Elena Gonzales says:

    Dear Sisters in Friendship,

    Last weeks Camp was a blast! I enjoyed meeting all of you and making new friends. Most of all I appreciate all of you for blogging on my video. Some of you have blogged and had mentioned that the video was a good, cool, nice, cute, great, informative and awesome way to understand a Sisters call. Please keep in mind this is only one of the ways Jesus is calling a person to live as a Sister. Every Sister in this lovely community has a different story to tell because God makes life exciting. I wish all of you a peaceful-fun summer and if you have anymore questions please send them my way through this blog site.

    Sister Elena Gonzales

  11. Sister Elena Gonzales says:

    Dear Sisters in Friendship,

    I hope your summer break is going well. At the moment I’m having a great one, too. Recently, I played ping pong with no rules and it was hilarious as I played with my opposite hand. Also a bunch of us Sisters tried to play crochet in the afternoon but that went down the drain as it rained with gusto.

    Anyhow, some of you have asked me important questions and I’m going to answer them.

    1. Can Sisters have pets? No, we can’t and one of the main reasons for that is it cost too much to take care of the pet. Pet owners have to buy food once a month, pay Veterinarian bills, purchase toys & grooming care… and the list goes on… Many of us do love animals but we are happy with the wild animals in our forest at Holy Family Convent: deer, skunks, fox, geese, colorful birds, and crazy squirrels.

    2. Do I teach religion in school? Yes, I get to teach religion to my students. Not only do I teach religion as one of the subjects, but I get to add religion in all my teachings.

    3. Why did I choose Hawaii as a mission? My opinion is that being mission in Hawaii would be a great experience to live in a tropical climate and to be part of an awesome culture.

    4. Do you like teaching? What grades do you teach? I love to teach… I enjoy all the students I get to meet, and I love to challenge myself to be creative and make the regular textbook exciting. As for what grade I would like to teach; it would be any grade… just give me a classroom with students and I’ll be there.

    5. Do you get to travel anywhere else? As a Sister you have many opportunities to see the world. Many of our Sisters have gone on a Pilgrimage to Assisi & Rome, Italy. Some Sisters had the opportunity to visit the Holy Land-Israel. Also, many Sisters have been mission out of the State of Wisconsin.

    6. Do you get to see your family? I get to visit my family for two weeks. Usually after school is over I get to fly off and see my family. This year I stayed with my sister and her family near Mobile, Alabama. During this visit I got to go swimming at Pensacola, Florida. Then I flew up to New York to visit my twin brother and his family. While in New York I went to a Broadway Show, NBC studios, Central Park, and walked all over Manhattan.

    7. How is it being in Hawaii different than being in Two Rivers here? The main difference between Hawaii and Two Rivers is that there is no snow shoveling on the tropical island of Kauai. Yippee! (o:

    8. If you had a choice to go back to Hawaii or stay here which would you choose? That is such a tough question…you see, I love to see the four seasons which I can literally see in Wisconsin and Hawaii probably has only two season: warm & rainy. Then I know I’m going to love Hawaii for its beauty, culture, and tropical beaches. My final answer: I would be happy to go where my God and Community of Sisters need me.

    Now if you have anymore questions please send them my way through blogging.

    Have a Great Summer!

    Sister Elena

  12. “Come Holy Ghost/Enkindle” is surely an inspirational musical representing our journey with the Holy Spirit who helps and encourages us on our journey througout our life here on earth. The pictures of the stain glass windows specifically depicting images of the Holy Spirit are beautiful and alternating them with pictures of our Sisters ministering to the young people throughout the country is very meaningful. I thoroughly enjoyed the song and pictures on this video.

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