Immigration Education Events: Mexican Consulate in Manitowoc; A Journey to Hope Pilgrimage

by Sister Julie Ann on May 28, 2008

mexicanconsul.jpgThe United States Catholic Bishops acknowledge that the current immigration system is badly in need of reform and a comprehensive approach to fixing it is required. Silver Lake College of the Holy Family, sponsored by the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity, will host the Chicago-based Mexican Consulate on May 29-June 1, 2008. The Consulate will offer passports and concular identifications for Mexican citizens at the Silver Lake College Generose Enrichment Center.

dscf48031.JPGThe Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity, Manitowoc, WI, the Franciscan Sisters of the Holy Cross, Green Bay, WI, the Norbertines of St. Norbert Abbey, De Pere, WI and the Diocese of Green Bay are sponsoring A Journey to Hope, Justice for Immigrants and Refugees, an Immigration Awareness Pilgrimage on Sunday, September 7, 2008. Participants will gather at 12 noon at the St. Philip Church Parking Lot, Green Bay, WI and walk to St. Francis Xavier Cathedral, Green Bay, WI (4 miles). Music and prayer stops are an important part of this experience. Bishop Robert Morneau will preside and continue to present the Catholic Church’s Social Teaching on Immigration at a concluding 4 p.m. liturgy at the cathedral. College, high school and junior high students have already expressed interest in participating in the pilgrimage, along with parish families. Please consider this opportunity and pray for a humane and just immigration system in the United States. More information regarding other groups’ involvement and registration is forth coming.

6 thoughts on “Immigration Education Events: Mexican Consulate in Manitowoc; A Journey to Hope Pilgrimage”

  1. I am so happy to see our community involved in immigration assistance!! Kudos to SLC and all their work with the Mexican Consulate. I pray God’s blessings on both events.
    I hope there will be pictures forthcoming.

  2. It was so renewing to spend some time with Sister Carmen Marie and the many people meeting with the Mexican Consulate this morning! To see the faith-in-action of our Church here in Manitowoc is a direct response to Pope Benedict’s focus during his visit to the U.S.

    The pontiff asked the Church’s host communities to welcome migrating families and work to help them stay together, so that they “can overcome the obstacles and the material and spiritual difficulties [they]encounter.” (

  3. Sister Kay Klackner says:

    I am proud that Silver Lake College was a part of the endeavor to offer support to Mexican citizens in a safe, respectful, and friendly environment. There were a lot of smiles coming from the Center during those days!

  4. Joy Ruzek says:

    The purpose of the Chicago-based Mexican Consulate’s visit to Manitowoc May 29th-June 1st was to offer Mexican passports and consular identification cards for Mexican citizens. The Consulate did NOT grant U.S. citizenship,issue driver’s licenses or offer legal services.

    The consular Identification card is an identification card issued by the Government of Mexico through its consulate offices. The official purpose of the card is to demonstrate that the bearer is a Mexican national living outside of Mexico. It includes an official Government of Mexico issued ID number and bears a photograph and address of the Mexican National to whom it is issued. In the United States, several states, municipalities, and businesses accept consular identification cards as an official form of identification in handling transactions.

    The Mexican passport is a travel document issued to Mexican nationals by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Mexican States to prove their nationality and identity, and to request free transit, assistance and protection for the bearer from foreign authorities; in some cases, granting of courtesies and immunities corresponding to the post or representation of the bearer. The passports are issued to Mexican citizens for the purpose of traveling abroad and to pass and be treated according to international norms. The Mexican passport bears a photograph, personal ID number, nationality, electronic bar code, dates and other relevant data.

    We provided services to approximately 1,500 individuals. The Chicago-based Mexican Consulate will be in Green Bay June 11-14, 2008.

  5. Joy,
    I’m so happy to see you got to the blog and added some very valuable information. Your desire to keep others informed and to live/work the Gospel is a blessing to me and to many others. Thank you!

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