Franciscan Sisters Jubilees: Joy Abounds

by Sister Julie Ann on May 24, 2008

dscf0059_0564.JPGWhen Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity celebrate 75, 60, 50 and 25 years of religious profession joy is contagious and guests from all over the nation gather in Manitowoc. The following Sisters were recognized on April 27, 2008 for their 75th Jubilee: Sister Leovigild Spinner, Sister Marilyn Kloiber and Sister Loyola Romey. They were joined by Sisters celebrating  60 years of vowed life: Sister Dolores Goudreau, Sister Donna Marie Kessler, Sister Mary Golden and Sister Doris Mertens.

dscf0048_0553.JPGOn Memorial Day weekend these Sisters commemorate Golden Jubilees: Sister Thereselle Arruda, Sister David Marie Long, Sister Margaret Ann Wallander, Sister Andrene Flasch, Sister Sara Hale, Sister Mary Beth Prinz, Sister Marie Voborny, Sister Jolynn Kohlbeck, Sister Judanne Stratman, Sister Ritarose Stahl, Sister Verone Leeman and Sister Adrianna Schouten. Sister Mary Frances Maher celebrates her silver jubilee.

dscf0031_0536.JPGJubilee festivity typically commences with a Saturday afternoon liturgy practice and social for the jubilarians.  On Sunday the Franciscan Sisters gather in community to honor those members celebrating their anniversary of profession at an elegant breakfast in the Motherhouse cafeteria.  Later in the day, an afternoon Eucharistic Liturgy is prayed in St. Mary Chapel with proper img_0195.JPGsolemnity and the jubilarians renew their vows. A festive meal follows for all guests.

Do you have any special memories of these women consecrated to God? Please feel free to share your heartfelt thoughts or blessings.

13 thoughts on “Franciscan Sisters Jubilees: Joy Abounds”

  1. Neil Nitta says:

    This is the the that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad!!
    Certainly for the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity, this gathering in celebrating the Jubilees of the Sisters mentioned above is a milestone in their lives since answering the call that god imparted on each and everyone of them.
    I wish I could be there with my family as they celebrate with my Aunty Kuulei (Sister Thereselle Arruda) her Golden Jubilee. I remember
    going to Wisconsin in 1982 when she celebrated her Silver Jubilee. Taking a tour of the Motherhouse and seeing several of my father’s teachers as well as several of my former teachers as well, made me appreciate then as well as now the total selfless dedication and the special calling that each and everyone of you have taken in the spirit of St. Francis.
    I wish each and every Sister that will be celebrating their Jubilees
    a blessed day and as they renew their vows, may they remember always why they were called to this special service of dedicating their lives to God and the Church. Thank you very much to all the Francis-
    can Sisters of the past, present, and future to answering the call of
    Christ to serving the people of God and continuing the charisma and
    mission of St. Francis of Assisi.

  2. Neil, indeed, we wish you were here as well. Sister Thereselle is pictured above near the special jubilee cake that has lovely orchids around its base-compliments of your relatives! Thank you for sharing the spirit of St. Francis in our day as well. Peace and all good.

  3. I will be attending the Jubilee celebration today. I am so happy to be able to celebrate with women who have been very influential in my religious life. I have lived and worked with many of them and honor their great leadership, deep friendships and inspirational prayer life.

    Jubilees are times for renewal for all of us sisters as we treasure the lives of each other.

  4. Sister Carol Mathe says:

    Sister Thereselle Arruda lives and works here at Bapchule with 6 other Sisters. Sister has given 25 years here on this Pima reservation. We congratulate her and the rest of her class on this special day of celebration. We are proud of Sister Thereselle adn her dedication to the families and children here in Bapchule. God bless you, Sister Thereselle.

    The Sisters at Bapchule

  5. Ronnie says:

    My experience here at the mother house in one i will never forget. I came here for my cousin, Sister Judanne, who i have been extremly close with. She invited my family and me to experience her 50th jubilee. It was so amazing the Mass we attended had ten priests and the Bishop. It was long but way cool to hear my cousin recite her vows again to God. It amazises me that my cousin has been so commited to being a Sister for fifty years. She inspires me to go for what i want in life. She wanted to be a sister and wanted to commit her life to God. I hope that i have the same passion and desire in what i want to do in my life. I love my cousin deeply and I am very honored to come and see a special invent in her life that makes her so happy in her life. I incourage any one to come and see the motherhouse and see the sisters. They are so loving and welcoming I feel as if I am home surrounded with people who really do care about me. My cousin loves what she has done in her life and loves being a sister. This jubilee proves that she has worked hard as a sister and will continue to work hard. I have learned so much comming to my cousin’s jubilee about the sisters and what they do. But I also have learned of what they do not just for them but for others as well. Come see them and see if this is your calling from God. I have always had the idea that I could be a sister and be part of something bigger in my life. And I realized this all because my cousin invited me join in on her celebration. I love my cousin and will never forget what she has done for me.

  6. Alice A. Craig says:

    Sister Judanne celebrated her 50th Jubilee today and we are so very happy!
    It seems that she and her fellow Franciscan Sisters of Charity have given over 600 years of service together. That is amazing! In my mind that is dedication to so many things on so many levels. You all help serve the Church in many ways and should be proud of the positive effect you have on communities. All that work, but they do not seem to tire because they are always smiling.
    It was so nice to see the family on this special event. Around all the nice sisters, I now understand why they seem to always be smiling. This environment is so positive and we had a great time 🙂

  7. Thank you Ronnie for sharing how much Sister Judanne has touched your life! It is wonderful that you were able to make the trip up here to WI to celebrate with her! I know that you also mean a lot to her! I’m also so glad that you have enjoyed your experience here at our Motherhouse! I think that you are right in your thoughts that being a Sister means to be part of something greater than yourself! Of course I feel the same way! Our life is a treasured gift! It is wonderful to share it with you!

  8. Having your family here to celebrate with Sister Judanne and all of us is a meaningful experience for us Sisters as well Alice! As Franciscans we are called to be involved in the lives of others; being able to spend time sharing with each others families is always a special joy! You are a delight to know and do count on our prayers as you continue to journey with God into an exciting future! Thank you for making the trip here for this Jubilee celebration!

  9. Sister Mary Frances says:

    All weekend I kept saying that I can’t believe that I am actually celebrating 25 years of vowed life! There are no words that can adequately express this awe inspiring celebration. Truly, God is good and I am humbled to be one of His servants. The entire weekend was beautiful with family and Sisters celebrating with me (us). The liturgy with Bishop Morneau was the highlight of the day on Sunday…the Spirit was alive in our chapel. I am so happy to be a Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity. I thank God for the blessings of these past 25 years and may I continue to follow His call.

  10. Sister Nancy Kinate says:

    The 50th Jubilee Sisters are a mini-reflection of the the maxi-community of us Franciscan Sisters. Over the years, I have been blessed to minister with several of these faithful women whom I admire, but I am inspired by all of them and marvel at how the Lord works through such a variety of persons. Their fidelity and witness give clarity and reality to being a disciple of Jesus and a follower of Francis in the 21st century.

  11. Sister Kay Klackner says:

    Jubilee celebrations are such wonderful times of gratitude for the life and faithfulness of our Sisters! It is also a special time of reflection upon the goodness and graciousness of our loving God on all of us! Those celebrations are a refreshing reminder of God’s tender and deep love for each of us and a time to renew my own commitment. I thank God for such wonderful celebrations!

  12. srosangela says:

    How proud and happy I am for all of our Jubilarians. I have lived with some of them in the past and live with some now. They give of themselves in many ways. How blessed our community is to have them as members. There is no greater joy than to celebrate a Jubilee and realize how lucky and blessed we are to have a religious vocation and especially to this community. God has given us the grace to persevere. May He continue to bless all of us as we continue to serve Him.

  13. As we share about the gift of our lives as sisters do feel free to find out more via my facebook page as well!

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