Franciscan Building a Culture of Life in Women’s Healthcare

by Sister Julie Ann on May 13, 2008

The Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity feature the vocation reflections of Sister Renee Mirkes, OSF, director of the Center for NaProEthics, the ethics division of the Pope Paul VI Institute recognized internationally for building a culture of life in women’s healthcare especially in the field of natural fertility regulation and reproductive medicine. Franciscan Sister Renee

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Sister Renee offers workshops and presentations on the Catholic Church’s position on: marriage and procreation, infertility, embryonic stem cell research, sexuality, human personhood, feminine anthropology and more to a variety of audiences. Thomas W. Hilgers, MD founded Pope Paul VI Institute in 1985 in Omaha, NE.

4 thoughts on “Franciscan Building a Culture of Life in Women’s Healthcare”

  1. Sister Marie Bernadette Dorn says:

    Dear Sister Renee,

    You are a treasure to the community and to the world! What a beautiful fabric you are weaving for the Lord! God bless you in your work and in your beautiful smile!

  2. Last night a group of our Sisters attended a “free will” concert by Tajci, a proud mother born Tatjana Matejas in Zagreb, Croatia. Tajci grew up in what was then communist Yugoslavia. Raised in a musical family, she was singing with her father’s band when she was only four. She has a great song for parents anticipating important events in their children’s life as a free download-

    Tajci’s passion for sharing the message of life reminds me of my Franciscan Sister, Sister Renee. Women are powerful instruments to build a culture of life.

  3. I just listened to Tajci’s “Let them fly” and found the words to be so very true and the melody fits the words and the mood of the song.
    I deal daily with people who have varying degrees of ability to let their children “fly”. It never seems easy and there are many stops and starts. Those parents who do allow their children to “fly” seem to be rewarded with a closer adult relationship and deep gratitude. The child is honored when allowed to develop beyond the parental model.
    It’s a good time to pray for all parents who are undergoing this transition and for parents trying to conceive through the ministry of Sr. Renee and others.
    Thank you for sharing the song and the beautiful piece featuring Sr.Renee.

  4. srosangela says:

    Dear Sister Renee,
    Thank you for all your work,especially in the area of women’s healthcare. It seems there is a great need for the teachings of the Church in the area of morality to reach people today. I am grateful that our community is involved in this work through you. May God bless you as you continue to do this.

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