University of Wisconsin Students Choose Retreat on Relationships of Self, God and Others

by Sister Julie Ann on April 14, 2008

100_0887_0384.jpgCatholic Students at two University of Wisconsin Campus Ministry Centers chose during the Easter Season to reflect on the theme of “Relationships”. On April 13, 2008, UW Superior students committed  themselves to a Good Shepherd Recollection Sunday beginning with the Eucharistic 100_0888_0385.jpgliturgy at the Cathedral of Christ the King. After Mass the retreatants had significant time together for introductions to contemplation, personal and group prayer, light-hearted moments and meals at the Campus Ministry Center until 7:00 p.m. .

Earlier in April, UW Whitewater students began their Busy Student Retreat with a Sunday evening liturgy and then were faithful for personal prayer and group reflection sessions, evening meals and night prayer for three days during their other regularly scheduled school days. The Sacrament of Reconciliation was an important part of the Tuesday evening planning.

100_0832_03311.jpgSharing from the Franciscan tradition, Sister Mary Ann Spanjers, OSF and Sister Julie Ann Sheahan, OSF facilitated the retreats at both campuses presenting information on these topics: “My Image of God”; Being Human: The Desire of My Heart; Relationship with Others through Jesus (San Damanino Crucifix); Relationship with Others: Intimacy; Relationship with God-The example of St. Francis of Assisi. Campus Ministers Paul Birch and Brian Zanin were instrumental in planning this time of spiritual renewal with the students.

18 thoughts on “University of Wisconsin Students Choose Retreat on Relationships of Self, God and Others”

  1. The retreat day with the students of U.W. Superior Newman Center was delightful! The depth of goodness and faith shared by the students is inspiring. Their openness to God, to each other, to take time in prayer and discussion enlivened my faith!

    Both Campus Ministries,U.W.Superior and U.W. Whitewater have a wonderful open, faith-based community of young adults. Christian service is especially strong with the U.W. Whitewater students involvement with Habitat for Humanity.

    With the help of the San Damiano Crucifix the students reflected upon the chant prayer:
    “Who is Jesus for me
    Who is essential for my life?
    Do I know Jesus of Nazareth?
    Who was dead and now is risen?”

    It is a joy to be part of a faith journey with all of these students!

  2. Alexander says:

    (this retreat rocked…


  3. Mike Line says:

    The retreat was awesome! God showed me so much that day, and i continue to grow in my walk with Christ because of it! A big thanks to everyone who was involved in setting up, and to all those who participated, God bless you all!

  4. We enjoyed sharing the day of prayer, fun, food, discussion, and faith with you Alexander and Mike! Thanks for writing!

  5. Mike and Alexander, your presence on this blog shows that you are truly living the dynamic of the affections of justice and happiness! (Your goodness shines through and it was easy to see that both of you are searching for the fullest joy in life.) I affirm Sister Mary Ann’s comments and add that you and your companions are truly of a genuine SUPERIOR quality!

  6. Patrick Hayes says:

    Wow! I am jealous…

    Sounds like a great experience. I wish Sister Mary Ann would come to the University of Arizona.

  7. Thanks for writing Patrick! Sister Julie Ann and I would be happy to come to the University of Arizona to share a retreat time with all of you!

    We were both missioned in AZ, not too long ago; AZ is dear to our community with a neat group of Sisters in Tucson, (San Xavier and Santa Cruz), Bapchule (St.Peter’s Indian Mission outside of Phoenix) and Yuma, (Yuma Catholic High School and Immaculate Conception Grade School).

    So you arrange it Patrick and we will be there!

  8. Bethany Gosar says:

    Thank you so much for doing that for us! it was great to step out of the boxes of reality and just spend the day in prayer and reflection. It really helped me deepen my relationship with God and take a closer look at my other relationships.

  9. Jody Kaye (UWS organist!) says:

    Thank you so much for all you have done for our Newman center. You are a great blessing to us way up North here. God Bless!

    (your blog is in my bookmarks now 🙂

  10. It is great to have our blog in your bookmarks Jody!!!
    It is also a gift to share life and faith with all of you up in the north! You have a wonderful, faith-filled spirit!

  11. Jenna Halverson says:

    Thank you so much again, sisters, for organizing our retreat and for helping us strengthen our relationship with the good Lord and also with others. I carry the San Damanino Crucifix with me every day and look at it periodically to reflect on everything I experienced at the retreat. And, I am sorry to say, Katie, Lee, and I will not be able to see you this week because we are competing at Drake Relays. We will be at Newman in spirit! 😉

  12. Katee Rosburg says:

    Thank you sisters for a wonderful retreat. It seems like we never have enough time in our lives to really reflect on our relationships with god, ourselves and others but you ladies made that possible! Keep smiling, keep laughing and keep learning! Thank you! 😛

  13. Bethany, you are a joy to know and always soooo solicitus! It was a blessing sharing this day with you! Thanks for writing!

  14. Jenna and Katee, may the spirit help you to run like the wind! We will miss you on Thurs. but so appreciated your openness in sharing yourselves during the retreat!

  15. e.e. cummings is credited with saying that “it takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” I witnessed this courage among the young people at UW Whitewater and UW Superior. This is good news for our Church.

  16. Lee Sims says:

    Sisters Mary Ann and Julie Ann, thank you for becoming an enriching part of our Newman Community this year. You two spunky Sisters sure do know how to have fun. From the Cranium game, Sister Mary Ann you were intense, the genuine, faith sharing around the bon fire at WI Point, to the retreat this spring, you two came into our Newman Center and chipped out another piece of wood in the sculpture God is forming us to be. I stole that analogy from Jody Kaye; good one aye? The retreat was perfect. I’ve never experience so much prayer, discussion, personal reflection, food, and snowballs in one day. It felt like we did so much, yet there was tons of time for quite, personal reflection. I felt more spiritual than I had in a long time. You two really know what you are doing. Thank you once again for your commitment to our Newman community this year. I am excited for communities you will become a part of in the future. You were truly a blessing to ours, and I know you will be to theirs. Take care.

    P.S. can’t wait to experience these EXTRA BLESSINGS!

  17. Dear Lee,
    I can see the glow of God’s powerful loving blessings showering down upon you up in Superior from here in Manitowoc! They are especially strong and gentle for you as you and so many graduate with your college degree! A wonderful blessing of much hard work, late nights, endless prayers, and loads of support from many people in your life! We are all proud of you and all young adults for your accomplishments and for taking this new step in their lives!

    You have been a blessing for us, it is great to spend time with the Newman Community at U.W. Superior! Both Sister Julie Ann and I are grateful for the gift of each of you in our lives and we look forward to continuing to build upon these relationships!

    Be assurred of our prayers that Jesus will guide and bless you as you walk with Him and share with us on the Blog!!!

  18. Peace and all good, Lee, as you graduate with more than a college degree–blessed with strong loving relationships with God, self and others! No doubt your life will continue to be full of God’s choicest graces. Your leadership skills will be further developed and fine tuned as you move on to further dreams and challenges.

    Please know of our prayers, but also our confidence in you. (And of course we will ever have fun, vibrant memories of you in your UW Superior Days–especially your gourmet s’mores!)

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