Victimae Paschali

by Sister Julie Ann on March 23, 2008

100_0795_0283.jpgThe Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity are very aware of the goodness of God present in the many people who are present in their lives here on earth and in heaven. Please know of our prayers and join us in chanting this joyous Easter Sequence for you and your intentions:

100_0796_0284.jpgChristians, to the Paschal Victim Offer your thankful praises!

A Lamb the sheep redeems: Christ, who only is sinless, Reconciles sinners to the Father.

Death and life have contended in that combat stupendous: The Prince of life, who died, reigns immortal. Speak, Mary, declaring What you saw, wayfaring. “The tomb of Christ, who is living,

The glory of Jesus’ resurrection; Bright angels attesting,

100_0791_0279.jpgThe shroud and napkin resting. Yes, my Christ my hope is arisen: To Galilee he goes before you.”

Christ indeed from death is risen, our new life obtaining. Have mercy, victor King, ever reigning! Amen. Alleluia.


5 thoughts on “Victimae Paschali”

  1. May the blessings of Jesus’ Resurrection fill us with HOPE as we journey through life with Him!

  2. LIFE…we’ve had a family with three boys ages 3, 4,and 5 years old with us during Holy Week. They felt blessed to have a home with us as participants in the Lakeshore Interfaith Hospitality Network. We were blessed to see the enthusiasm and spontaneous joy of pure delight in the eyes of children as we celebrated Easter. May the LIFE and JOY of the Risen Lord be all of ours every day!

  3. Sister Pat Sevcik says:

    Sr. Julie Ann, I agree that having the children here and watching them run free, play and cry with glee was such a treat. I could see and hear them as I sat in my bedroom to pray. This was such a wonderful part of my prayer. We are taught so many things by children. During this beautiful season of Easter, may we run free like children, knowing that Jesus is risen and has made us really free.

  4. Sister Natalie says:

    Easter Blessings from Tucson, Arizona!
    Yes, we do have much to celebrate in our awareness of God’s goodness and presence all around us! The Sisters at San Xavier in Tucson had a joy-filled Easter dinner with invited guests. Easter Monday took us to Picacho Peak to celebrate all the beauty of nature with our Sisters at St. Peter’s in Bapchule. Easter Tuesday took us to the Tohono O’odham Reservation Nursing Home to visit the elders and celebrate their life and presence in our lives. The desert teaches us so much about God’s goodness and presence in our lives. May we be perpetual learners!

  5. Sister Natalie, thanks for reporting on the desert’s beautiful spring flowers! Here, some of the Sisters are ready to dig into the dirt of flower gardens (and thus are spreading the snow piles so it disappears faster!) Enjoy the color and the diversity of God’s creation!

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