The Maker by Daniel Lanois

by Sister Julie Ann on March 26, 2008

acadienew.jpgThis 2008 Easter Season the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity recognize Daniel Lanois, native of Canada, who is known for his ability to immerse himself in the moment and create tunes that resonate with many people about facing life’s challenges. He is the recipient of ten Grammy awards and five Juno awards. In his own artistic way, he has catapulted the careers of other favored musicians including U2, Bob Dylan, Peter Gabriel,Neville Brothers, Brian Eno, Luscious Jackson, Willie Nelson,Scott red_floor.jpgWeiland and Robbie Robertson.


I’m not a stranger in the hands of the maker…I have seen the flaming swords there over east of eden burning in the eyes of the maker…oh river rise from your sleep…. Find Daniel Lanois’ latest album and film here: Watch The Maker performed:

16 thoughts on “The Maker by Daniel Lanois”

  1. Sister Angela Paul, OSF says:

    I sense this is a song of deep awareness and a song of pleading from the heart of humanity over the ages, not just a plea for personal salvation. The vocalist, Daniel Lajois, has a very pleasent voice. The melody flows in a simple fluid line which allows the strong message of the lyrics to come through. The simple accompaniment of percussion and guitar assist the vocal line never overpowering it, but rising in intensity when necessary. This song really captures the interest of the listener both in the power of the lyrics and in the quality of the music. The lyrics reflect back on strong and powerful moments in biblical history:
    -creation and the fall, “I’ve run a twisted line.”
    -John the Baptist calling us to repentance,
    -Abraham’s strong example of faith in God.
    As we grow older, ”My body is bent and broken,” and try to be faithful we can’t ignore the cry for help from others and we become no longer a stranger to God, the maker.
    The flaming swords of judgment are still there keeping us out of eternal Paradise. The song is calling to God for the saving Baptism of humanity, “Oh, river rise . . .” and is calling to God for the Easter Resurrection, “. . . from your sleep.”

  2. Drums are rolling. Visualize the expectant eyes of one soon to be baptized in a dynamic Catholic parish on the Easter Vigil. This is what these lyrics speak to me. Yes, the faith lives on in this new member of our faith community. And it lives on in me, as I join in welcoming another called to be fully alive for Christ.

    Oh, Oh Deep water
    Black, and cold like the night
    I’ve stand with my arms wide open
    I’ve run a twisted line
    I’m a stranger
    in the eyes of the maker

    I could not see
    for the fog in my eyes
    I could not feel
    for the fear in my life
    From across the great divide
    In the distance i saw a light
    Jean baptiste
    walking to me with the maker…

  3. Jody Kaye (UWS organist!) says:

    Praise God He is risen! Alleluia! New life promises for sure 🙂

  4. YES, Jody! Christ is risen and He is WITH US! Thanks for sharing your own faith with all of us.

  5. Kate Minor says:

    I really enjoyed this song. I like its calm feeling.

  6. Kate, peace and all good to you. May you find our risen Lord in each moment of your day. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  7. Ann says:

    His lyrics come from the heart and are very true.

  8. You couldn’t be more right, Ann. Lyrics are key to this song’s memorable masterful qualities. Thanks for joining this conversation.

  9. Francisco says:

    Great musician and great song, which has been covered (at least) by Emmylou Harris, Willie Nelson and Dave Matthews.

    To me the song’s most touching words have to be:
    I could not see
    for the fog in my eyes
    I could not feel
    for the fear in my life

    Every time I hear the song it’s like they are speaking to me.

    By the way, make sure you check Julie Miller’s work. I’m sure you will find some inspiring songs.

  10. Kelsey says:

    I think this is beautiful song that pours out the soul of all humanity. Jesus spoke for the whole of humanity when he cried “My God, why have you foresaken me?” Everyone at times has felt abandoned by God, a stranger in the eyes of the maker. But how could a parent forget his little child? Evenmore so, does our Father in Heaven love us.

  11. Francisco, thanks for highlighting those meaningful lyrics for all of us. (I look forward to checking out JULIE Miller’s music.)
    Kelsey, thanks always for sharing your own spiritual reflection.

  12. Megan says:

    Greetings from Whitewater! This is a very calming song and makes you forget about all of the stressful events of the day. Peace and Joy to all!

  13. Calming…let’s hope your week is progressing with a bit more light-hearted schedule than the last time we saw you. Peace and all good, Megan.

  14. Josh says:

    Lanois’ music has been a significant source of encouragement to me in my spiritual journey. “The Maker”, referenced above, is one of my favorite gospel songs.

    He has managed to produce relevant content for the masses laced with gems of hope for those who have ears to hear.

    Thank you Daniel (Danny)!

  15. It is kind of you to write Josh! I’m sure that this song has touched many people as you so well expressed!

  16. U2Joshua says:

    One of the greatest gospel songs of all time!

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