Father Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me…? by Stephen B. Whatley

by Sister Julie Ann on March 1, 2008

Father Why Hast Thou Forsaken MePainted on Good Friday 2007, Stephen B. Whatley’s “Father, Why Has Thou Forsaken Me…?” is an oil on canvas, 20 x 16 inches.

“This painting was made with great compassion and many prayers from my heart and soul…I give all credit to God, every time I create…”

– Stephen B Whatley.

Stephen B Whatley is a professional artist based in London,U.K. His vibrant Expressionist oils are in private collections worldwide  and in public collections including BBC Heritage & The Royal Collection of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. For a further colorful tour of the artist’s work, please visit www.stephenbwhatley.com

10 thoughts on “Father Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me…? by Stephen B. Whatley”

  1. Sister Mary Ann says:

    The Fourth Gospel has a strong emphasis on the theme of “light and darkness.”(John 1:4-5; 7-9)
    Francis J. Moloney, in his work, The Gospel of John, emphasizes this stating that “the darkness is a power for evil which militates against the light.” However, as the artist Stephen B Whatley wondrously exhibits; “The darkness has not overcome the light, which continues to shine in the midst of darkness.”

    Your reflections are most welcome.

  2. Sister Pat Sevcik says:

    The Image of the Crucified by Stephen Whatley is a beautiful painting. The vibrant colors awaken in me a renewed sense of the power and healing that come to us in Jesus. His suffering and death color the world with healing beauty. They fill us and embolden us for mission. We are reminded today that “we are light in the Lord.” The beautiful hymn sung at Mass here this morning, “Open my Eyes, Lord,” is my prayer. Lord, that we may see!

  3. Terri says:

    Because this painting is abstract, I’m able to focus on the shapes and colors. I think that these are able to convey a lot of emotion. I see fear, pain, and humility in this image. But, I feel a sense of awe in the glory and love of God. This is a stunning representation of the crucifixion.

  4. Thank you for your prayerful reflections Sister Pat and Terri! There is something so important about what color conveys to us! Stephen B Whatley,our artist this month, does well at sharing with us what is in his heart; as do each of you.

  5. Sister Mariella Erdmann says:

    Stephen Whatley’s painting is certainly done in a fauve, expressionistic style. The strong reds, yellows and blues help to draw your attention to the suffering Christ. You can tell that the painter put himself and his deep feelings into this piece. Certainly it is an outgrowth of his faith and prayer.
    As I contemplate the Paschal Mystery of Christ’s suffering, death and resurrection, I can only say, I am deeply grateful for a God of so much love. This is enough to move me to open myself to Christ’s transforming love so I can be that much more a gift of love for others.

  6. Jess says:

    What an incredible painting! I’m blown away at how such devastation and hurt and suffering and pain and sin can be displayed in such a profound and colorful way. It shows that not only are there dark and hard times, but also those time where God brings light into our lives and saves us. I LOVE the bold and primary colors representing something so sacred and emotional. The Lord has his head turned as if to say, “I’m turning my cheek and every time each of you sins, I will take it. I will forgive. You can LIVE because of ME.”

    Catholic Student Coalition

  7. Your reflection is filled with meaning Jess! The bold and primary colors do evoke something very sacred and emotional in us! Perhaps it is God touching us in our humanity calling us closer to himself in his divinity?

    Thanks so much for writing! It was great spending last evening with all of you at Newman in U.W. Whitewater!

  8. As a professor of Art your appreciation of this spiritual piece says so much Sister Mariella. Thank you for sharing your Franciscan spirituality and artistic expertise.

  9. Happy Easter from London…where snow is falling from the heavens on this Easter Day.
    Thank you all so much for your beautiful and perceptive comments about this painting that I was honoured to make, by the Grace of God: I was overwhelmed to read them for the first time just this Good Friday..appropiately enough.I am deeply humbled & grateful to have touched your hearts and so honoured by the kind invitation to share my work with you. I give all thanks to God for being able to create – I always ask Him to guide me, to work with me, to strengthen me. Today I shall with God’s will, paint His Easter Glory.
    Again your comments (& Sister Julie Ann’s kind email)have deeply touched my heart.
    God Bless & keep you all in His arms – As I know He will.
    My sincere & kindest wishes & gratitude,
    Stephen B Whatley

  10. Stephen,
    The beauty of your prayer expressed in your art is a gift for all of us; it helps me personally to deepen my relationship with Jesus which originates from within, but finds meaning with others! The colors, especially, draw me to reflect more on these relationships.
    God’s blessings!

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