Walk a Lourdes Grotto Procession

by Sister Julie Ann on February 10, 2008

On this eve of the Our Lady of Lourdes feast, walk with Camp Franciscan participants in a procession to the Lourdes Grotto on the Motherhouse grounds of the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity in Manitowoc, WI. If you would like to attend Camp Franciscan 2008, the Third Summer of the Sisterhood, please contact us. Click here to experience a Camp Franciscan Lourdes Grotto Procession.

5 thoughts on “Walk a Lourdes Grotto Procession”

  1. Here’s a very heart warming virtual prayer experience that unites young women from around the nation! Our Mother Mary, pray for us. St. Bernadette, pray for us.

  2. Sister Sean Marie says:

    I am priviliged to have a bedroom that overlooks the Lourdes Grotto. So each night I can make my own pilgrimage. However, when a candlelight procession goes to honor Mary and the darkness is suddenly alive with light and song, it is an experience that is deeply spiritual and beautiful. Mary must truly tell her Son each time we come.

  3. Jessica says:

    This was beautiful! I loved that walk…


  4. It was great to share that procession with you Jessica! Thanks for writing!

  5. Sister Helena Young says:

    The Walk A Lourdes Grotto Procession made me recall the first procession I walked as a Postulant. It was after Midnight Mass from Silver Lake College to the Motherhouse Grotto to place the Infant in the crib at the Grotto. It was a beautiful night with a gentle snow falling. It was a very moving experience for me that I have never forgotten.
    Thank you for providing this video.

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