Franciscan Sister is Green Bay Packer Playoff Essay Contest Winner

by Sister Julie Ann on January 15, 2008

Captain of the G ForceSister Sean Marie Tobin, a Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity, won a recent Green Bay Packer Playoff Essay contest that awarded her the privilege to attend the Packer/Seattle Seahawk game January 12, 2008 and to be the Honorary G-Force Captain of the game. As the Honorary G-Force Captain she walked the field with the PackerFranciscan Sisters at Green Bay Packer Playoff Games’ team captains for the coin toss prior to the game and is looking forward to being present for a second home playoff game when the Packers play the New York Giants Sunday, January 20, 2008. Sister Anne Turba was invited to be Sister’s companion for both memorable Lambeau field events.

Read Sister Sean Marie’s winning essay:

Here’s a picture from one of our internet friends:

8 thoughts on “Franciscan Sister is Green Bay Packer Playoff Essay Contest Winner”

  1. Congratulations, Sister Sean Marie. Hope to see you at Sunday’s(2oth) Greenbay game. My sister, Audrey and are big fans, too. Great essay. Former Sister Pierre of your community.

  2. Something tells me Sister Sean Marie and Sister Anne will see a lot of great people at Sunday’s Packer game! Thanks,Gloria, for taking the time to make a comment.

  3. Kathy says:

    Congratulations Sr. Sean Marie. What fun it has been to follow your story here in Ohio. My husband is a big Packer Fan and we’ll be looking for you on t.v. this Sunday.
    I did see a clip of you on our local news this morning.
    Go Packers!

  4. Theresa Pezel says:

    Congratulations Sister! I am Sr. Rose Cecile Armbruster’s neice and have been reading about you! My husband and I were cheering on the Packers this past Sunday and will continue to do so on the 20th. Hope to see you on the big screen! By the way, I loved your comments to the captains…classic! Stay warm.

    Theresa (Hoffer) Pezel

  5. Rosario says:

    Congratulations Sister Sean Marie. It is great to see a sister doing the coin toss. Go Pack go!

  6. Thanks for all the support of Sister Sean Marie and all of us Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity during the Packer fan attention. Sister Sean Marie is still walking the frozen tundra in her heart and mind today (hand warmers and toe warmers were a true God-send to relieve remembering the COLD!) As with all of life, we look forward to another season–summer!

  7. Sister Sean Marie says:

    Thank you for your prayers and support. For a Packer fan this experience has been like an unbelievable dream. With so many essay enteries, I never even considered that I might be a winner. It is indeed an exciting and humbling feeling to represent our community and all G-Force fans. I can’t explain the feeling of standing on Lambeau field with its immensity and acknowledging over 72,000 green and gold clad fans cheering. I have watched so many men of great character play and coach the Packers. Greatness has been when they do as a team and not as individuals. As fans we are called to the same “greatness” through our warmth, loyalty, and hospitality. Let us not stoop to “boos” for other teams and coaches. We as Packer fans are bigger than that. Sister Sean Marie

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