Room at the Inn

by Sister Ludmilla on November 2, 2007

As I wrote yesterday I would be attending the meeting for organizing a Homeless Shelter.  I idea for this shelter came about when a homeless person came into St. Vinnie`s asking for only a kettle to boil water.  No hat, gloves, or warm coat.  Helen at the desk at the time was so sick about this situation that she couldn`t sleep for days and cried every time she told the story.  This was last Feb. when we were having such cold weather.  Helen talked about it so much to everyone she saw and now starting Sunday the first church will house 10 homeless people (that is all the mats we have so far).  This is truly a Faith Based Initiative.  Seven churches have come on board and will host the homeless for one week.  After that week the mats will be moved to another church.  Our main purpose is to give them a warm clean mat and a hot meal.  We are not set up for job interviews or counseling.  Helen has dotted every eye and crossed every T so now we wait to see.  We realize that there will be problems we haven`t addressed but all will be addressed as they arise.  The weather is turning cold so it is perfect timing.  The shelter is set up for cold months only so from November to April.  There will be 12 hour supervision with 3 person 3 shifts.  I`m an early to bed so hot meals and clean laundry is my specialty.  Wish us luck

2 thoughts on “Room at the Inn”

  1. Hmmmmm, very interesting. One does not always think of a shelter needed in your part of the country. I do know that those using it do appreciate it. You mentioned warm meals and laundry. Has anyone thought of hygiene bags. Not much, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodrant, and a face rag. Our people down here really like that. “I was homeless and you gave me shelter and a chance to clean up. You saw that I was of value. Thank you !”

  2. Sister Angela says:

    I am always struck by the plight of homeless people. When I was younger I recall people coming to the door looking for something to eat. When I travel to big cities I see the homeless sleeping on cardboard in warm corners of buildings right on the street in all the cold. “But for the grace of God this could be me,” I think in my heart. Now that it is advent I consider that Mary and Joseph WERE some of these homeless people. And Jesus was born among the homeless. The presence of the homeless among us blesses us with opportunities to serve Christ in them and to ponder our own neediness.

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