Only Then Will Your House Be Blessed

by fscc on November 2, 2007

“Only Then” is a song that speaks about taking personal responsibility for the world you live in, If you have your `house` together, then that`s all that needs to be done. Then and only then can you offer anything to another.”

3 thoughts on “Only Then Will Your House Be Blessed”

  1. The best way to read my message for this song, is to put the sound recording on and listen about a dozen times, sing along and then start dancing to it. I could dance to this song; maybe line dance. The beat is perfect; kind of gentle but compelling, doesn’t wear you out but makes you want to stay on your feet with the rest of the gang; makes you feel good inside before you even know what the words are; makes you want to smile, share with your friends, maybe even be open to a little inner renovation.

    Oh yes, some inner renovation! At this time of the year with Thanksgiving, Christmas….New Years….around the corner, it’s more than appropriate to remind ourselves to “Let it go, Let it go…let it go, go, go…” All of us have excuses to hold onto angers, hurts, vengeance. All of us are tempted and too often respond to others with hardness, failing to open the door, to turn the cheek. We can be mighty stingy with our mercy. But if we want to grow, be happy, be healthy, care about others, if we want our “house to be blessed” we must choose to “LET IT GO!” Let go of everything in us that’s closed and uncaring.

    What a beautiful image of the hawk and the dove “flying circles ‘round our love”. The hawk is a bird of prey but considered the most intelligent and farseeing of birds. We all know what the dove symbolizes. So what more can we ask of God than that he give us wisdom that sees far and deeply, and a spirit of loving peace? Oh God, tame the hawk and the dove within our souls, make them friends like the lion and the lamb in the time of the Lord.

    Give us a Thanksgiving time filled with gratitude and courage, with generosity of heart toward others.

    Love that group. Harry Manx’s voice is clear (and so is the message!)The lead electric guitar has some great sounds and the harmonica is so cool. Reminds me of my Dad who loved country music and used to play the harmonica while he’d dance.

    May each of our houses be blessed, the houses of our own persons and the homes of our families and the home of this world we all share.

  2. Although I am usually not one to take things too literally, it may be a God-incidence that here at our Motherhouse this week we are also a temporary home for guests in need of a place to live. The Lakeshore Interfaith Hospitality Network thrives on the generosity of churches and our Sisters in scheduling accommodations for the homeless in this vicinity. Sister Anne Turba is our laison and is one of the board members of this relatively new outreach organization. As a night volunteer, I can honestly say I have grown in sensitivity to the needs of families. And as I listen to this down home Harry Manx song, I am grateful for the blessings that our guests have brought to our house.

  3. After experiencing the warm hospitality of the city of Columbus (and beyond) with 23, 000 Catholic youth at NCYC and other generous, faith-filled people, one could not help but feel like our whole house the Church is “blessed”. Sister Mary Ann and I were delighted to distribute invitations to download this great song and join us on this Franciscanized World page.

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