Lake Effect

by Sister Ludmilla on November 7, 2007

Traveling back from our meeting in Manitowoc we experienced snow flakes, sunshine, rain and as we turned north on 41 at Rapid River the trees started to take on the most beautiful sight of our winters.  At Trenary there were snow laden trees heavy with our winter gift but as we got closer to Marquette the amount of snow lessened.  One could see that what did come down was heavy and slushy.  Dropped Pat Morin off and one could see that some thoughtful person shoveled her side walk and she did have at least 3 inches.  I drove six blocks east toward the lake to 1310 High and not a flake of snow anywhere.  Now according to the map I am three blocks from the lake and this is what they called “lake effect”  Called Republic and they got 14 inches of so called “lake effect” and they are 30 miles away from the lake.  I guess one would say I need a lesson on lake effect 

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  1. Today is Nov. 9th. and I believe it is founders day today. Now, you ask, “what does that have to do with a response to the work in Marquette, Michigan?” When I was a novice I was asked to play Mother Odelia in a play. I was choosen after those in charge looked at her picture in the hall and thought that I had a build like her’s. Now, you may be asking again, “what does that have to do with responing to the work in Marquette?” Well, let’s look at it this way. Mother Odelia had a vision of working with the people and caring for their needs at that time at the moment. We are doing the same yet taking the time to notice the beauty around us, taking the time to notice that someone else was kind to Pat. If you were not that way, you would never have noticed the kindness of someone else. Continue to be “happy in the Franciscan Way” 1 Do you feel a song coming on???

  2. If there is a song coming out of the mouth of a Hale it is for the record books. All that Lake Effect is gone and the sun is out and we up here are still putting the yard to bed for the winter

  3. Diana Goulet says:

    I am researching family history, and included in a box of old photos is one labeled Mother Mary Odelia, and then a quote “I feel so honored..” Two of my family were nursing sisters in the Mother Joseph Province of the Sisters of Providence, so it is possible that they were acquainted with your Sister/mother Odelia. Is it possible for you to share with me a photo of her, as referred to in Sister Sara Hale’s article below? I will also be happy to share with you the photo that I have.

    Many thanks

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